Monday, September 21, 2009

R is for Recap

Weekends always get in the way of my blog time and this weekend was no exception. I've said before that I am disappointed in my choice to blog through the alphabet. Sarah did it so beautifully and I wanted to be like her. I'm not. In so many ways. But the thing that I most definitely am not is dedicated. And she is dedicated. I am dedicated in limited quantities and broad brush concepts. Not dedicated to the day to day commitments that I lose interest in.

Remember when I said I was finicky. I am. And I am NOT loving following the template of the alphabet and blogging it every day. I am falling off of my blogging wagon. I just keep reminding myself that there are only 26 letters and I can do ANYTHING 26 times. Particularly if I committed in print to doing it. While I am finicky, I am not a quitter. And so much fun is happening in my bloggy world how could I possibly turn my back on it now?

JennyMac at Let's Have a Cocktail granted me an award. Really? That's too cool. I mean way too cool. I've mentioned Jenny's Blog before and follow her constantly. She is sassy, articulate and hilarious. Just my kinda girl. Thank you so much, Jenny. I love you long time.

Chris at Just A Girl was trying to track down this darling family rules idea from another blogger she saw and she found it!!! Good for her. It is a terrific project and I am already wondering how I can use it myself. Chris doesn't know this, but she is constantly on my mind. I fawned over her Organization Station last month and finally got my own version of perfect installed in my kitchen over the weekend. It's not quite as fab as hers, but I also don't need a mudroom. I live in sunny Southern California and just have a cabinet inside the kitchen door that works. I had to say that to make myself feel better. I swoon over her mudroom, but don't want to NEED IT because my kids clothes are covered in snow. We've all got our own issues.

Super cute Michelle shared some three month photos of her darling son, Tyler. I love anyone who is so shamelessly in love with their son. I have had a sip of that juice myself. I am a little smitten with her guy, too. He reminds me of Max at that age. I need to find a photo and put them side by side. First born boys are so special and I love following Michelle falling in love with him. Absolutely adorable.

And when I was catching up on comments I saw that ShortMama had something to say about my P is for Politics post. I respect her opinion and like to read about her cowboy Levi and her sweet little girls. I appreciate that she reads what I write and actually cares what I say. The challenge I always have with controversial topics is that I don't really want to "get into it" with most people. I certainly don't want to tangle with someone like Amanda who I like so much. That's what husbands are for :)

But I do want to clarify something - I am NOT saying that everyone who doesn't agree with President Obama is racist. I so, so, so am not saying that. There are certainly things he has said that I can't stand behind. What I AM saying is that I am mortified by the lack of respect that is being spread in our Nation, particularly the lack of respect that is shown for the President. Racist or not, the leader of the most powerful Nation in the world deserves the respect that every other President has been allowed. Period

There are lots and lots of good things going on in my blog world and I am so happy to have found so many cool new friends. Only 8 more letters of the alphabet and I am back to being random! What I'm best at . . .


Brandie said...

Stopping by from SITS and enjoyed the visit. You sweet little boy and girl sound exactly like mine!

shortmama said...

You know I love and respect ya or I wouldnt keep reading your blog lol. The best thing about this country is that we all have a right to our opinion...and I know you werent saying people were racist...was just a point that I wanted to bring up. You are so sweet and speaking your mind is never a bad thing

Michelle and Heath said...

ahhhh I got a shout out! Woo Hoo!! You need to dig up some photos of your boy so we can compare! ;)

JennyMac said...

You are so sweet. You deserve the awards and thank you for your great compliments!


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