Sunday, September 20, 2009

Q is for Quiet

It's so quiet. Too quiet. There is NO noise in the house. No low level Phineas & Ferb and puppy dog toes on wood. No Star Wars vehicles firing against shreiking protest at Disney princesses.


Has she suffocated him with only a pink poodle pillow and a sly grin?

Did he lock her outside and and the paper boy swept her away?


I forgot. They're not even here. They had a sleepover. Both of them.


Oh what should I do with such unexpected bliss? Sleep? I can't. Run? I don't wanna. Coffee and paper? Maybe . . .

Oh, I know. I'll clean. So sad. So true. To clean the floors without immediate footprints on shine and vacuum without begging someone to move is it's own form of therapy.

Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa for my clean floors. I Love You

1 comment:

shortmama said...

I feel that way when the oldest is at school and youngest is napping...I usually clean during that time too!


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