Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wish You Were Here


have not been






I'm working for a few more days and E is working on his tan.

I like that.

We'll sip some cocktails at the end of the week and watch the sunset.


These three

are having their own getaway at my mailing address.

I couldn't be happier for all of us.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

As handsome as the captain of a cruise ship

In my very humble opinion, there is a genetic requirement for Mothers to love and care for their children. I believe that women who harm children are biologically not well and something is working against their natural instincts. I truly believe that.  I also believe that Dads have to work a little harder to give their unconditional love.  They see through some of the nonsense that Moms get sucked into and don't ever think poop is cute.  It's proven that we are biologically different. And it's all the more reason that it's so much more remarkable for a Dad to be really good at it.  God blessed me twice with men who are remarkable Dads.

My Daddy gave me short, sturdy legs.  That's not my most favorite thing about him, but there are lots of other things that are.  It's because of him that I am brave and tenacious.  I can bait my own hook and shoot a gun.  He is why I am not afraid of bugs, snakes and hard work.  I think of him every time I make a tough decision or tell someone something they don't want to hear.  I have no problem with saying no or being unpopular.  None of those things mattered enough to me while my Dad was trying to be a Dad to me, but I see him in my own parenting so often and understand his motives. I love how hard my Dad worked to ensure that I became the adult that I was meant to be.  I hope one day that my children will admire and cherish me as much as I do him.

There is no delayed reaction, however, to how much my children love and admire their own Dad.  I married him purely for myself without any regard for what kind of Dad he would be.  I loved his big brown eyes and the way he made me feel so much bigger than anything I really was way back when.  I loved him big but could never imagine how much more I would love him as a Dad.  He unfailingly patient and kind with children.  He is a teacher and a coach.  He absorbs far more than his share of pressure and pain in life so that they don't have to.  He loves their mother and shows them how a real man should treat a woman.  He is hard working, hard driving and authentic.

The Athlete made a card for him for Father's Day and said he is as handsome as the captain of a cruise ship. I love that! He also said he likes it when his Dad throws baseballs for him, takes his family camping in Yosemite and takes him to basketball games.  What he said in all of that is that he likes his Dad being there for him in the ways that matter most.  What kid could ask for more?

Happy Father's Day to my favorite men and any Dads who have garnered the admiration of their children. You are truly loved.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

My Little Man

For My Athlete ~

In my heart you are always my little man, but this year has seemed to seal the deal that you're really not.  You are done with the third grade and headed "upstairs" at school.  The coveted second floor - WOW!!!  It doesn't seem like that's the place for you yet, but you do everything you can to prove that it is absolutely the place for you.  You are so very grown up for your nine year old body.

This was another great school year for you.  You are so, so smart, but you finally started making us work to keep you in the game.  Third grade was not your usual piece of cake and we spent a lot of time on  multiplication and projects like your Indian diorama.  You loved reading books from the Percy Jackson series and most nights found me in your room telling you lights out after you asked for just a few more minutes to finish a chapter.  You also discovered a love for history and social studies and always studied for those tests without being asked.  Mrs. Munroe confessed that you have become her favorite because you know when to be serious but she loves you most when you're your usual fun self.

Sports kept all of us busy this year and you had great basketball and baseball seasons again. Your team won the championships in basketball and watching you on the court is my favorite winter activity in the whole world.  Your intensity and leadership are truly remarkable.  It is amazing to see how much you have developed since last year and how your physical instincts are starting to pair so well with your learned knowledge (thanks, Daddy!) of sports.  You really are just something else and I can't imagine one thing that you can't do if you set your mind to it.  When your're not playing sports you're watching them and loving it.  Padres games are still your favorite and you tell me that you can't wait to go to SDSU so you can go to games all the time.  The apple does not fall far from the tree around here.

School and sports fill every one of our days from September to June, but my favorite thing about you is you.  We interviewed orthodontists before you got your braces and all of them complimented me on how polite and intelligent you are.  You feed your dogs and take out the trash and never ever complain.  You ask for seconds when I make baked ziti and thank me for making your dinner.  You call your Nana on the way to school and always ask her how she's doing before you tell her the thing you're just dying to say.  You genuinely love your family and friends and have the most extraordinary way of connecting with the littlest members of our family.  You are the most fun, most thoughtful, most wonderful boy and I am so grateful for you.

Congratulations on another great year.  You make me so proud and happy.  Being your Mom is truly a gift.

With All my Love,

Your Biggest Fan

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For My Kindergarten Graduate

Dear Princess ~

Oh my baby girl. . . to even think of you and how deeply I love you tightens my chest and threatens to break me.  My love for you is so intense and you are so untouchable sometimes.  I have to force myself to remember that your genetics cannot be denied.  There is no malice in your strength and independence and I know that it's my job to love you exactly the way you are.

You graduated from Kindergarten today and were a star in the Kindergarten performance. You sailed right through the school year and continue to impress me with your poise and intelligence. Daddy and I were so shocked and proud in your teacher conference when Mrs. Bennett told us that you are such an eager learner and her star student.  In fact, her only complaint was that you finish your work too quickly. Okay then.  I can live with that.

Your favorite things about school are reading and art.  It's so sweet to see you lounging on your bed reading to Nana or listening to her read your favorite stories to you on the phone. You are a remarkable reader and love to sneak books out of your brother's room. I love the work that you put into the cards you make for your friends and family.  I know there's a sweet pea in there somewhere and enjoy watching you express that in your writing and art.

The school year did nothing to diminish your love for flip flops, swimsuits, Hawaii and your boys.  We are certain that you'll never go to college anywhere that snows because you are definitely a warm weather creature.  I am so grateful that you wear a uniform to school every day because I just can't even imagine the pain we would go through every morning while you tried to indulge your inner fashionista.  But I love that you will forego your sparkly sandles and sundress any chance you get to go in the backyard with your lavender baseball glove and play catch with your Dad and The Athlete.  You are the MOST unpredictable girl ever.

You love candy, soccer, swimming pools and your American Girl doll, Josephina.  You run fast, dance like a lunatic and take forever in the bathroom.  You wear my high heels around the house any chance you get, steal all my lip gloss and beg me to stay in bed and read one more book with you.  Please don't ever stop. 

You scare me to death, but I get you.  My job on this earth is to make sure you know that I need you as much as you need me and I will never judge you for being yourself.  I've always got your back, Lulu.  After all, you are my girl.

With Too Much Love, Mama

Monday, June 13, 2011

With Tender Loving Care

He's nine and she's six and they are madly in love their teeny tiny cousins. I watch them fight to the death over a Lego figure and then they become the most delicate little angels when given the opportunity to sit with the baby.

Their tenderness is infectious and serenity temporarily takes over the mayhem. They take ALL the pillows from their beds to pile around their baby cousin so she's cozy with them. They take out their long loved old toys to share with their favorite toddler and pour tea for her over and over. They use all their big muscles to allow extra room for her to climb out of the cardboard fort. They love them in every way they know how.

There are no more babies in my immediate future and I treasure the time we're spending with B and C. If every day could be swaddled in such tender loving care the whole world would be that much sweeter.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turn Back Time

The first half of June is just flying by with absolutely no signs of slowing down. We've been our usual over the top busy selves. The kids are wrapping up their school year and the activities are non-stop. To avoid being broken hearted about the reality of my youngest child heading to first grade I will recount all our busy goodness.

E and I went to Las Vegas last weekend with 35 other adults to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. That was a super fun getaway. Everyone went out dancing together on Friday night. We were some kind of crew!


E set the dance floor on fire - SO MUCH FUN! My BFF loves it when he boogies :)

We lounged in the pool on Saturday. Given the opportunity, I would do that every weekend.


E and I went to the spa late on Saturday afternoon and were starving afterwards. We ate like homeless people in a restaurant in the hotel and didn't make it to dinner with the group. We ended up having an impromptu date night instead and since it was unexpected it was that much better. Time alone doesn't happen very much for us and it was good to be out with no plans at all.

We ended up at David Copperfield and the show was unreal. We were invited for a Meet n Greet after the show and he did the coolest magic trick right in front of our faces. No way!!

And anytime we even think we're remotely cool we come home to a six year old that hides from us and refuses to leave her Grandma's house. Oh right - reality!

The Athlete stayed home from school one day with the remnants of a sinus infection that still won't go away. His sister said she was sick, too. I didn't believe her until she vomited all over my bed. That was not my favorite thing that happened so far in June. With the vomit came a fever and she missed her Kindergarten Awards Tea. Poor baby girl.

Lucky for her she had already been to a birthday party earlier in the week and an end of year pool party.  What's the end of school without thirty eight parties in ten days???

Third grade social studies brought the Pioneer School graduation. Each kid had to select a Pioneer poem to memorize and recite at the graduation celebration. The Athlete did a really great job on his poem and was SO excited about his pioneer outfit. He made me super proud

He also had his end of season track party and end of season baseball party. The coming week will bring Kindergarten graduation, another pool party and field day.

I'll be there with my camera and my tissue. And wishing we could slow down just a little.

Friday, June 3, 2011



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