Thursday, September 10, 2009

I is for In Touch

Facebook is a love/hate relationship for me. I gave it up for Lent this past year and it was an enormous sacrifice. Pathetic, I know. The conflict is my love for being in touch with everyone vs. the amount of time I waste looking at friends' photos of people I'd never otherwise see. There are worse issues to have. I understand.

When I moved to California in 2004 my Nanny mailed me a handwritten letter every single week. I cherished that more than anything in my life at the time. It was then that I decided I would always be in touch. I didn't want to lose my connections after I relocated 3000 miles away to a place where I knew no one but E. On a good day I can still say that I am really good about being in touch. But there are connections that can't be made as easily after time and distance take hold.

Enter Facebook. Two days ago I became a "friend" with my college roommate. I have not seen or spoken to her since I left Tallahassee 15 years ago. We had some amazing times together and I have absolutely no hard feelings toward her. Time and distance took their toll on our relationship and we lost touch. Her name has come up a few times recently as my close girlfriends and I prepare for our Girls Weekend. I couldn't remember if she had a reason not to want to connect with me. How sad life is sometimes. Now we have reconnected and I am thrilled. I love looking at the photos of her 8 month old son, Bryson. It feels good to be back in touch.

Human contact makes the world go round for me. I'm a hugger, hand holder, cheek toucher. Not everyone, but I am sure I would touch your arm if we met. It's me. Don't judge. In touch is a phone call out of the blue or a well timed greeting card. Being in touch is what fuels me and drives me through the days when all of the people in my world seem like aliens. Facebook chat will never replace that, but it's a great starting point. Today I might be in love.

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shortmama said...

I know exactly what you mean!


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