Tuesday, September 29, 2009

X is the last letter of his Name

It's not Maximillion. Not Maximus. His name is Max is and I am truly, madly, deeply in love.

I've never been more smitten with anything than I was with him in the first three years of his life. The easy to come laughs, the peaceful little sighs and the eyes that were too big for his tiny little face. Oh those eyes. They are exactly the color of his Dad's, but his are topped by long, curly eyelashes. I think the whole entire world is more beautiful when I look at his eyes.

Four years later I am no less smitten. He is witty, charming and sentimental to a fault. He has a heart bigger than Texas and is the most loyal friend. ever. He gives 110% to everything and has my most sincere admiration for his commitment. He is ridiculously funny and far too wise for his years. He talks about when he was here before and I believe every word.

He loves sourdough toast with lots of butter, mint chip ice cream cones and likes cucumbers better than carrots. His laugh can make my whole day. Every. Single. Time.

You hear how a baby can change your life, but I never knew how true that was until Max. I love you so much, Angel Boy.


MiMi said...

All I got is: aaaawwwwwww! Love those eyes!

Desert Rose said...

Oh for the love of our little boys! Mine does the same to me!


did you know you can make your blog into a book? you should do that for your kids. you write so beautiful and it would be a great keepsake for them

shortmama said...

I can feel your love for him right through the computer!

Kasey said...

He is so super cute!

I read your comment and my advice about running is to talk some of your friends into doing it with you. you might even want to find a "bunch" of friends that way when they all start to drop off (and yes I'm sorry to say they will) you will still have some left with you (we started with 8 and within about 3 or 4 weeks found out who the troopers were going to be. Just make sure you're one of them!)- or find a friend to join an already existing running club with you. It is way easier to get out the door to run when you know there are people waiting on you to do so. Set a time and stick to it. It really can be enjoyable...especially when you have friends to do it with. Also go ahead and sign up for a 5k, pay your money and make your friends do the same. That way it is set in stone and you are forced to train for it.

And remember: If it were easy- everyone would do it!

Helene said...

Awwww, this was such a sweet post!! He's got the most gorgeous brown eyes...and the eyelashes, wow!!! He's gonna be a heartbreaker in the future!

Everyone tells you that you will never know a love like this until you experience it yourself and it's so true!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

This is so sweet :)


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