Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letters to Someone

Dear Maui:
Oh, I hear you calling my name and I miss you too, Pretty Girl. I am more than a little sad that we can't spend time together this year, but you are my friend. I know you understood when I sought to teach the babes a life lesson this summer and took them camping instead. In hindsight, there are lessons to be learned on a sunny beach, right? It wasn't personal. I would have rather been lounging with you. Trust me! You've been so so good to me for so long and I know we will be reunited soon. Next time we're together I think I'll bring some friends. Remember all those wild and crazy peeps who were there with E and me 10 years ago? That's right. Party time, sistah! I am planning, and waiting, and dreaming. Please save a Lava Flow for me. I'll see you soon.
Mwah, Your Forever Loyal BFF
Dear Friends with September birthdays:
I am awful, I know. Little Miss "Never Forget a Card" has fallen off the Hallmark wagon. If it's any consolation at all - you are not alone. I haven't sent a single card in September. Birthdays, Anniversaries . . . I have somehow missed them all. No excuses. Only remorse. Please forgive me. Our October compadres may just hit the jackpot as a result of my horrible guilt. I know that doesn't do anything for you. I'm just sayin'.
xoxo - Still Thinking of You, Just Not on Paper
Dear Daytime Television:
I'm just not sure we can be friends. I do love me some Regis & Kelly and you have single handedly kept me from going bonkers in bed for three days (well, not quite. My blog is VERY current), but you are filled with so much trash. Did I really need to know that Mackenzie Phillips had sex with her Dad a LOT? I am thinking no. That's just freakin' creepy and I have made it for 35 years without knowing that. I very well might have scars from that one. And I can't even offer an explanation to why I am watching Clifford the Big Red Dog when there is no child in sight here in the land of quarantine. You make me a little crazy you big plasma dream. I know you have the ability to deliver news, and I did only learn about the flooding in my BFFs Atlanta neighborhood because I was hanging with YOU, but I think we need a break. Like I need to go back to work. And you need a rest. For a very long time.
It's Not You, It's Me
Dear Hot Dogging Athlete that I Love to Pieces:
Nice work on the field this weekend, sir. I appreciate that you were taking notes when I missed a practice AND a game while I was with my girlfriends. That's hereditary. But I appreciate even more that you made up for missing me by being a 7 year old dynamo on the baseball field. Your extraordinary effort in pitching, that big hit over the second baseman's head and the diving catch to make the final out - you make me the proudest Mama in Fall Ball. All my multi-tasking and fuss just falls away when I watch you strut your stuff. You are one cool kid. Can't wait for your next game.
All My Love, Your #1 Fan
You can head to ShortMama's to see her Letters to Someone and link to her bloggy friends letters, too. Always entertaining!!!


shortmama said...

There they are!

That Makenzie Phillips thing is nasty!! I rarely watch daytime tv too...its just crap!

Oh and you asked about making a blog button...I have no idea how to do it. Tried googling it and it was over my head so I had someone make it for me. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you can click on the girls button that did my header and button. I think its like $10 for a button but dont quote me on that

April said...

Loved your letters. Visiting from Shortmama's but will be back!

f8hasit said...

Love your letters!

I don't watch any daytime TV. I just can' seems to such the brain cells from my head. I wonder how some of these people actually got TV shows!

MiMi said...

Love your letters! That one about MP and her dad! EWWW! I did a letter on that too, it was just TOO gross!
In answer to your question about the book club blog, yes you can read along! If you want to win stuff just become a follower and leave a comment on the Giveaway post! : )

Desert Rose said...

I know you have left me a comment before (thank you much!), and saw you again today on shormama's letters to now I've jumped on to follow you. Maui looks very nice by the if you have some room in your suitcase for me next time you go, then just stuff me in there and we'll have a good time!

minor catastrophes said...

Oh girlfriend, I am so completely with you on the Mackenzie Phillips thing...

Your boy is so sweet with his baseball cap :) Whenever I start feeling guilty about occasionally missing one of my sons' events, my husband reminds me that "back in the day" when we were growing up, it seems like parents didn't feel so pressured to be at every little game...Good for you for being balanced!

Michelle and Heath said...

I was JUST now able to catch up on your blog...oh the joys of working from home with a little one! I freaking L.O.V.E it! You are so talented and SUCH an amazing writer! Keep it up girl, you are ALMOST done with the alphabet.. xo ;)

日月神教-任我行 said...



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