Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Z is for Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah indeed. You know . . . my, oh my, what a wonderful day . . . I can hardly contain my excitement. The alphabet is over. That was hard. And if you have no idea what I am talking about you can be grateful. I don't know how to link all the posts together and tie them to a button, sorry. HTML is not on my resume. And the writing project didn't quite turn out like I had hoped anyway . I adopted an idea from a really beautiful writer, Sarah Markley, and couldn't really do it justice. All of her letters were profound and deep and meaningful. Mine were not so much.

Honestly, it was just too taxing to say something deep every day. I am a lot of things - most of them good - but deep isn't one of them. I am sentimental, and funny, and occasionally a cranky hag. But, not deep. I can live with that. Let me tell you my favorite five things I did learn through my project.

(1) Writing every day is a unique challenge. I enjoyed it and am planning to keep it up.

(2) The blogosphere is a broad and beautiful universe. I really had no idea. In the last 30 days I have "met" some seriously talented new friends, joined a book club, become part of a Secret Santa exchange and won a blog award. I think all of that is too cool. Just way too cool!

(3) I reject too much structure. I have to admit that's not really something that I am just learning, but this experience served as confirmation of it. I have no issues with commitment, but I want to have a certain amount of creative license. Having to write about M on a day that I was just not into it was frustrating to me.

(4) Inspiration doesn't just appear. Perhaps if I were backpacking through Europe there would be more extraordinary content for me to share, but my piece of the world is not particularly inspirational. A weekly column in a self help publication is probably not in my near future.

(5) My family is my most precious gift. Writing is a terrific outlet for me to express my love and devotion for them. I haven't stopped hugging them, kissing them and saying how much I love them, but some days my profession of undying love and admiration just freaks them out.

My once monthly posts about the cake I baked or the tooth fairy visiting are a thing of the past. I am grateful that my parents still read my blog and can see what absolutely brilliant fantabulous things there grandchildren are doing this week, but I'm just loving the cameraderie of having other readers, too. I've gotten so much out of blogging that I couldn't possibly pull back now.

There's no better time to laugh as we put One Foot in Front of the Other. Happy October!



congrats to do you and accomplishing your goals and i have thought your blog is wonderful and inspirational - you are far too hard on yourself

shortmama said...

You were deeper than you thought because you said some amazingly inspirational things. I might see if I can do this challenge for myself...but do each letter weekly instead of daily since I already have so many other daily things happen around the blog o' mine

shortmama said...

You should link your email to your blog and then I could reply directly to ya!

The disappointing thing about the dentist is my 7 yo has been there twice and they were awesome with her! But with my less than 2 yo they were ridiculous...I mean really you dont realize that she isnt going to understand what you are telling her

April said...

I can't even imagine doing that. Couldn't have been easy. Great job on finishing it!

Theta Mom said...

What an inspirational post! My family is my most precious gift, too. :) Just found you from Family of Shorts and I am so glad I found your blog! It's awesome! Would love to follow your blog if you follow as well! ;)

MiMi said...

I thought all of your posts were awesome! And it is amazing the friendships we can create on this blogosphere!
I would try to do this if I could think of something to say every day. I used to but nowadays: notsamuch. : )

Tyne said...

Hee Hee! I bet you are relieved that it is over- but really, good for you. I would have stopped at "D"! I loved all the letters I caught.

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