Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet Summertime

The old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” just couldn’t be more true. Our family has officially kicked off summer and the last three weeks have flown by.

Max lost another tooth and finished Kindergarten on the same day that I flew to Hawaii for a program. He loved his first year of school and is already showing apprehension about starting first grade and trying something new. I think I have figured out about him that he’s pretty relaxed about most things unless it’s something he sees as being important. Thus, the anxiety about school. I just read the comments on his final report card this weekend and I am so proud of the impression he made in Kindergarten. He is reading and writing well and is a “Math Whiz”. Clearly he’s his Father’s son. He gets his exotic good looks from me : ) You would only believe that if you’ve never laid eyes on the Senior version of him, my handsome husband. The two of them are identical to me sometimes. Both physically and in their attitudes.

Pia Grace is a golden goddess. She got multiple two piece bathing suits for her birthday (my baby girl turned 4!!) and she wants to wear one every single day. I didn’t expect her to have terrific Montoya skin when she sprouted her shiny blond hair and her crystal blue eyes, but she is brown and beautiful. I coat her (and her brother) heavily in sunscreen when we go out, but their genes take over somewhere and she glows. She is doing her best lately to cover it up with the eye shadow she got for her birthday (thanks a LOT David & Annie!!) but you just have to love a girly girl! She finished her first round of swim lessons last week and is a newly christened water bug. She LOVES swimming and I love seeing her confidence soar as she learns something new. Today was her first day back to school in two weeks and according to her Dad she was not thrilled. I’m sure she’ll get right back into the swing of things after she gets to tell all of her little friends about her vacation adventures.

Ed rounded up the kids, found a sitter for the dogs and flew to Hawaii to meet me at the close of my program and we spent a week in Honolulu. His Mom & Russ came too, which we love, and it’s our third vacation with them in the last twelve months. Lucky us!! They are fabulous travel partners and Max & Pia love vacationing with Grandma and Grandpa. I don’t think any of us will be in a rush to go back to the island of Oahu, but we did have a great time relaxing on Hawaiian beaches and being tourists in a VERY busy city. I think it’s been 10 years since Ed I were there last and a lot has changed. We still have a soft spot for Maui but will leave Oahu for others to enjoy. We’re all geared up for lots of summer fun and just from looking at our calendar I know the time will pass all too quickly. Ed and I have committed to ourselves and to each other that we will take full advantage of our beach neighborhood this year. Our golf cart is already proving to be a great aid in that campaign. We drive it to the bottom of the hill and then ride/run/walk on the beach trail or just have a picnic and watch the sunset. There’s something about being that close to the ocean and the sand makes us happy. Ed and I were running on Saturday evening and loving seeing people out and about with their families and friends and enjoying a summer afternoon. This week is the start of summer camp for Max, we have three birthday parties this month, five more weeks of swim lessons and hopefully plenty of beach days in between. The end of this month will take us to Palm Desert for a few days with our friends the Grays. We love summer!

My sweet sister-in-law, Stacy, has wedding plans that are moving full-steam ahead and we are starting to get involved with that. She was a beautiful bride-to-be last night when she cruised by to show us her veil. Max and Pia are very excited to be part of the wedding party and Max told me this morning that he was “honored” to be in his Aunt’s wedding and that he would be sure to get a hair cut before he put on his wedding suit. I’m not so sure about Pia, since she seems to get a case of stage fright lately. At the very worst we will put her in a frilly dress and get her some new shoes. Shower season will start on August 3 with a family shower and a fun couple’s shower at our house on August 23. Let the fun begin!!

I was feeling a little guilty for not blogging lately and this should be more info than you ever wanted on what’s up with us. It’s back to work for now, but the weekend is just around the corner . . . HAPPY SUMMER!!


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