Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, my tween!

Last week marked the 12th anniversary of our special boy arriving in this world and it was special for us all. The last couple of months, shoot the whole last year, have been busy for us and it was important to me for him to know how much we wanted to celebrate him turning twelve.  This boy is SO worth celebrating and as he slips towards his teenage years I want more than ever for him to know that his biggest fans live right here.  

The older he gets the harder it is for me to articulate just how much I adore and cherish him.  No one is more worth the effort, though and there's probably no one who will treasure the sentiment more as the years go on so it's certainly worth the try. One last Happy Birthday to our amazing son.

To my dear boy,  

Twelve!  I thought it was a big deal when you got to double digits at ten, but never anticipated how I would feel about twelve.  I see, and hear, and sense the differences in you and can hardly believe it.  One the one hand I love it.  Everything about you as a little dude that we loved is just bigger and better as you grow. You are kinder, smarter, harder working and more engaging than ever.  

At the start of the sixth grade a lot of my Mom friends were asking around to see if other kids were struggling the way theirs were and struggle was the one word that can't be used for you in sixth grade.  You LOVE middle school.  Your teachers are so complimentary towards you and even in the subjects that don't come as naturally to you, you are excelling because you're learning how to focus your energy in the right ways and ask for help when you need it.  That is a wonderful skill that will take you a long way in a world that doesn't freely offer help.  You were honored last trimester with Honors for your outstanding GPA.

You stopped running track last season because your schedule just didn't allow, but there is definitely no grass growing under your feet.  You and your Dad just finished your school basketball season and the last game of your regular season basketball season ended with a hard fought win at 43-38 yesterday.  Baseball season started on Saturday and although we are all bummed you are playing for The Dodgers you went 2 for 4 in your first game and played first base brilliantly.  You are a gifted athlete with an off the charts sports IQ and a laser focus that seems uncommon to me for someone your age.  You make us very, very proud as an intense, yet respectful Athlete.

We took a family trip to Yosemite last weekend and you took snowboard lessons for the first time at Badger Pass.  We all had such a good time and I hope we started a new tradition of heading North for a fun and easy day in the snow together.  Those times with you and Bob mean a lot to Dad and me.  It's so fun to watch you learn something new and have a good time.  You have said that you also want to surf this year and we are happy to support you in any way that you need.

At twelve I worry that you will stop wanting to be My Guy.  You are the warmest, most loving, wonderful boy and our date nights are one of my favorite things.  I take you on dates because I very selfishly want to spend time with you, but I also want you to have one on one time with a lady that wants to hear what you have to say and values respectful conversation.  It seems to me that relationships will become very complex for you very quickly and it's imperative to your Dad and me that you never compromise the remarkable person you are merely to meet a temporary need for someone else.  While I am busy hugging you and playing games I am also carefully watching your mannerisms and listening to your words to know that your heart is being protected.  You absolutely mean the whole world to me and I want so much for you to go through your life reaping the rewards of being the wonderful person you are.  You are exactly as delightful and precious to me as you were twelve years ago when I held you the very first time.

Happy, Happy Birthday Punky. Whether you're snowboarding, surfing, playing baseball, talking about the Aztecs stats with your Dad or watching old episodes of M*A*S*H I hope that this year delights you in every way and brings new challenges and rewards to your heart.  We are here for you anytime and in every way, but if you can't get to us fast enough I hope you will go straight to your knees and pray for the guidance that you need.  God is the only person who will ever love you more than we do and he knows you even better.

All my love to you,


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2014

New year: new beginnings.

January was a great beginning to a year full of well intended smiles and being in the moment.  This is the year to count our blessings.  Every day. Every month.  Every moment.

Ten Things to Smile About

Choosing my One Little Word for the year and making a solid effort to live it

My Florida State Seminoles winning the BCS National Championship after an intense bowl game played at the Rose Bowl

Our darling Bob getting her braces off

Lots and lots of exciting basketball games

The Athlete bringing home all A's on his mid trimester report and being awarded "manner of the month" for showing respect through eye contact.

The breathtaking scenery that is right outside my front door.  Being present for me is all about being right where you are and not always moving to something else.  Right where I am has proven to be pretty magnificent this month.


Bob proudly delivering her Indian project to school

Focusing a little more these two lovable beasts and giving them some exercise and fresh air

A late night date night with my {almost} 12 year old first born

An easy, drama free life.  It is worth noting (and smiling about) a month that doesn't include anything hurtful, intensely stressful or dramatic.  We're just here doing our thing and loving it.


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