Monday, August 26, 2013

Guardian Angel

Third grade and sixth grade happened at our house today.  My personal lack of clarity is contributing to my TOTAL freak out about my first born being in middle school, but they are not even phased.  They each came home delighted with their day for different reasons.  I am delighted for them.

The Athlete is mostly thrilled about his new iPad and having a locker.  Be still my heart

Bob is thrilled because she spent the afternoon at the beach with her classmates following a noon dismissal.  It makes perfect sense that her takeaway included play time! 

They were both assigned as Guardian Angels for new students to our small private school and both came home talking about their new friends.  I am so proud of both of their big hearts and great attitudes. 

Here's to all the sweet students who have another year of greatness on the horizon and a prayer for their guidance and protection.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweet to be me

Today I turned 39. There was no parade or fanfare and I didn't even get a birthday cake. At 39 I don't expect a parade or any fanfare, but if I'm being honest I'm a little sad about the birthday cake. I really like birthday cake.

The thing about being me, though is that I can buy my own cake any day of the year that I want. And I can light candles (or not) and share it (or not). Because even though I love rich, creamy cake with sweet frosting there are a few things I love even more. And three of them are laying in bed with me loving me the best way they know how on my 39th birthday.

And with that I must say that it's awfully sweet to be me.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seeking a second chance

We returned from our annual Yosemite vacation last night and I am renewed, refreshed and inspired.  Once again I have been blessed enough to receive more than I seek. 

I am hopeful to catch up on my blog to recount our time together with family and friends and to make up for other lost time.  I knew it before I left, but it's clearer than ever now that we are home.  I am wasting precious moments chasing things that don't matter.  It's time to get back on track. And back to the blog.  It's a gift to have the chance to start over.  If only everyone were so lucky . . .

Simple Math

5 tents
6 kids
9 adults
3 bear boxes
2 dozen squirrels
200 bees


We were a party of 15 in the great outdoors and seriously some kind of crew.  At 11, our first born was the oldest kid and the tiniest camper was two.  The civilized world has never seen dirtier toes or stickier smiles.  There were a lot more marshmallows being served than vegetables and every adolescent squabble was solved with a bike ride.  It is exactly the way life should be.

These are the moments that add up to the moments of a lifetime.  It's a simple equation.


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