Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday

June 2007

Max was a very proud graduate of preschool and headed to Kindergarten. My pride was enormous - I can't imagine what it will feel like when he graduates from college!! It is a sweet memory for us. The part that makes it unbelievable though is that his sister will do the same thing, at the same school, with the same teacher, in a couple of weeks. My mind is reeling with the knowledge that my tiny little screaming baby girl is finishing preschool and turning 5 next month.


For now I will relive our joy over the sweet little celebration in the church and my beaming boy on his graduation day. I will deal with the rest of it later.

Miss Heather is the BEST!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing but Good

I have felt guilty lately for not keeping up with my blog (it's been MORE than a week- gasp!) but as we try to wind down from the Holiday weekend and I dig through email and the mountain of paperwork on my desk I am drawn to the photos on my camera from the weekend. I am itching to upload them and see them for myself. All I can say is - what a blessing. While I've been neglecting my blog (and my email, AND Facebook, AND laundry . . .) I have been living a full and happy life with my family and our friends.
Baseball - Max's game last weekend's game was sunny, warm and gorgeous.

Looking VERY serious about getting from third base to home

Brennan, Max & Elijah - if we could win on cute we'd be in the World Series!!

Fiesta with Friends - Ed and I worked this carnival fundraiser at church for the first time the year that Max was born. Little did we know that we'd be part of the parish school a few years later and be required to work and spend lots of money and time in the process. Lucky for us we loved every minute of it.

Painted Pia

Pierce, Drew, Max & Ashland - quite a crew!

Ballet - Sophia ended her ballet classes with a little performance last week in her class. Not super sophisticated, but really cute.

Memorial Day Weekend - we were all about a good time this weekend and the snoring I hear from my babies' bedrooms proves that it was time well spent. Movies, a birthday party, two beach days, a BBQ with our friends the Thiessens, The Padres - great seats over the Padres dugout, Kids Run the Bases Day, hot dogs, helmet giveaways . . .

Max, Sawyer, Cannon & Sophia

On the Field after running the bases

Max took this photo of Adrian Gonzalez in the batter's box.

I can't say it enough and I will never stop saying it. I have no idea if this is really the life that I deserve, but I don't take one second of it for granted. I think every second of my time here is a gift and the people that I've been given to spend my time with are an even greater gift. Max's infectious laugh, Pia's sparkly blue eyes and Ed's ridiculous sense of humor just melt me. I wish I could bottle it all up and make time stand still. For now I will keep thanking God for the gifts and living as if it might never happen again. Even if it means neglecting my blog.

The three best reasons in the world to not update my blog!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I check on the kids every night as part of my routine before I head down the hall. I go through, turn off the lights, close the shutters and lock all the doors. Then I pop in and watch my babies sleeping for a little bit and make sure they're breathing. It's a Mom thing, I'm sure.

Last night was no exception, except that I cracked up when I walked into Max's room and had to grab the camera. I have no idea what happened between the time that we prayed and I tucked him in and the hour later when I checked on him. I'm just not sure why he's wearing the red bandana and has created an army of stuffed animals at his head. He doesn't usually sleep with ANY of those animals. I dunno . . .

The Princess was peaceful for a change, too. No new toys in her space or extra accessories. Just sweet sleeping baby. My favorite!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Got Spirit!

Thank you, E for snapping some photos of my super spirited boy. Here he is yesterday in his RED.

Today was crazy hair day. Not a lot you can do with short, conservative boy hair but he sure looks tough with a little blue spray paint on his scalp!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red Day

This week is Spirit Week at St. Edward’s and there has been a different theme for dress each day. Ed and I were traveling over the weekend and I forgot that he didn’t have to wear his uniform on Monday. I felt awful at drop off when he was the only boy in his class in his uniform. My friend Kellie calls that Mommy Guilt. Ah – it’s the WORST. So my remorse over that has lead me to be sure that we are absolutely covered for the rest of the week. Today is color day and each grade was assigned a different color. First grade is red and Max told me that he was supposed to wear everything red. OK. I have no reason to doubt him.

Max went to school this morning in red basketball shorts, a red t-shirt, long red socks left over from a long ago baseball team and a red bandana on his head. Seemingly ridiculous for any regular day but it’s RED DAY. You know where I’m going with this, right? Every one of his friends had on jeans and a red t-shirt this morning. I am so disappointed that I didn’t take a picture, but I asked Ed to snap one when he picks him up for baseball practice this afternoon. He looked like a gang leader - granted it would be a gang of tiny little white boys, but still.

The beautiful thing about Max, and perhaps the thing I love about him the most is that even though he was clearly not in line with what everyone else had done he was totally into what HE was doing. His buddy literally said “wow” when he walked into line and he just high fived them and did a smug little dance. He was completely unphased that he was so heavily decorated : ) I’ll keep my fingers crossed that E gets a photo I can share. I will personally play his image over and over in my mind today – I love that kid!

Monday, May 11, 2009

DWTS Junkie!

I am trying to get caught up from my work trip to Austin last week and our weekend getaway to Vegas . . . So much fun - but so far behind . . . Pictures and details to come. Ed and I had an amazing time

On a brighter note, it's Dancing with the Stars night and the kids and I are thrilled. Good stuff! Max is so bummed that L'il Kim is gone and now his vote's going to "Rodeo Boy". My vote's for Melissa! I LOVE IT

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Oh man - this one is a little hard for me, but if I take a deep breath it makes me smile. This is the second year that my Nanny hasn't been here for Mother's Day and I am shocked sometimes when I let myself realize how much I miss her.

This was Mother's Day 1992 and taken in my Mom's front yard before church. As a mother now, I more fully appreciate the bond that mothers share with their children and grandchildren. I am not sure in my lifetime if I will ever have a bond with another human being that I had with my Nanny. We were tight, but you'd have to be a robot not to be tight with my Nanny. She's the real deal.

I won't be in my Mom's front yard for Mother's Day this year, but in my heart I am always there a little. Happy Mother's Day to my Mama, my amazing Mother in Law, the special gift that is my Stepmom and to all my super special girlfriends that are Moms. I feel so, so blessed to be a Mom and to share this amazing journey with all of you. Much Love ~ K

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's a sunny spring day in San Clemente and we're all suffering from cabin fever after Sophia being sick all week. I am so looking forward to summer and can't wait to load everyone in the golf cart and head down to the sand.

These photos are from an afternoon in Summer 2005 at the tidepools in Dana Point. I think it was an impromptu trip judging by their wet, dirty and/or missing clothes but to look back at those moments in print is priceless. Have a great weekend!

Swine Flu Recommendations

With so much hype surrounding the swine flu, our Pediatrician shared with us an important tip


Have a great weekend!!


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