Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Note to Self

I miss my blog.  I miss my blog friends.  Every night for the last five I have thought that I would sit down and catch up on my favorite blogs and write a post for my own.  Clearly that hasn't happened.  There are so many wonderful things happening in my life that I am dying to write about . . .

My precious Goddaughter's baptism on Sunday

Surprising my Mom on Easter with a visit from her true loves 

The Athlete trading in his bat for a rifle on Spring Break in Georgia

For now ~ I am literally buried in a sea of paperwork, deadlines and tense people looking to me for answers that I don't have.  That's no fun.

I took just a little break to talk myself out of saying something really inappropriate to a colleague and thought I'd release that energy here.  This is what I say to myself when I am on the verge.

"Self.  You are better than that.  You are kind and good and brilliant."

Yes, I really say that.  Sometimes I just need the ego boost.

"Count your blessings and remember that business is business.  You work to live.  Not live to work.  You can get through this day and be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy family when you get home.  Take a deep breath and smile."

See.  All better now.  My colleague is grateful and doesn't even know it :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is It Hereditary?

My sweet babies and I are in the deep, deep South for Easter break this week.  We are visiting family and friends and loving every minute of it.

My lifelong BFF is Ya YaShe has a name, but I don't use it.  We have been friends since second grade and have been through everything together. Absolutely everything.  She was my lamaze coach with The Athlete and I was there when her daughter was born.  She is family to me in ways that sometimes even my family isn't.  I carry her in my heart every single day and miss her so much.

My little gang spent the better part of the past weekend with Ya Ya and her baby girl.  Our daughters are a year apart and each have minds of their own.  It was a gamble to throw them together, but we should never have been worried.  For two and a half days they dressed up, sang, laughed and played like they'd been friends forever.

Is it possible that there's a Ya Ya gene?

Those two little girls in my Mama's front yard reminded us an awful lot of some other little girls we knew once upon a time . . .

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.  -Eustache Deschamps


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