Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Feisty

Blogs are a printed version of our true selves, right? I have seen some blogs this week with some bang up nifty themes and well, quite honestly, I am just not that cool. An entire blog about lighthouses. Really? That takes some commitment kids. My blog is about me. And my family. And the life issues that plague me. Like today.

I have been entirely in my house for the last 5 days. That hasn't happened for me since I was on bed rest over 5 years ago. Hated it then. Hating it now. I was perky yesterday. I had some medicine, got cleared of a swine flu diagnosis. Life was good. Not so hot today. My perky clearly wore me out. I felt better yesterday than I do today and I am a little pissed about it. It's Friday and I am ready to move on from my sick bed. I am sure it would offer E some relief as well. The poor guy.

And another thing. The first couple of days of my ill induced stupor had me all cozy and loving that my home was a haven for me when I was not well. That's over. I moved my command post from the bed to the dining room and I'm thinking it's time for some sprucing. And deep cleaning. Cause I can't even offer an explanation as to why my stainless steel refrigerator doors look FILTHY. Like you may not want to touch that without gloves. How do these things happen?

If I were feeling better here are the things I would do, post haste:

(1) Clean those refrigerator doors. I will NOT walk out of this house without that happening. It's truly sick.

(2) Go to the library and get the October book for my reading group. Yep, the library. And I'm gonna get my own card. No more buying every single book the kids and I want to read. Novel idea, I know.

(3) Get my car washed. It needs to a spruce even worse than I do.

(4) Go to Michael's and buy a shadow box for the Yosemite pinecones that are still sitting in a shoe box on my fireplace from our trip in AUGUST. And I'd buy something fall. Some pumpkins or candles. Or both.

(5) Call back my severely retarded client in Canada. I am hiding behind sick to avoid telling her what I really think of her and I will definitely need to feel better than THIS to have that call with her. Bane of my existence. That program sucks. A lot.

Well, I should probably call her before I head out? Seeing as how I'll need my job to pay for the shadow box and the Gold Wash. Just mentioning any of it makes me want to get back in bed. Sick sucks. So lucky to have a blog to vent to. My trusted assistant just doesn't seem to care today.

Have a good weekend, friends. I'll be my usual fabulous self soon. I hope.


Michelle and Heath said...

oh no! I really hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the WORST! I freaking love reading your blog...sick or still rock it! :)

JennyMac said...

I hope you feel better very soon! And I read that book this summer...LOVED IT~

Have a great weekend.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Feel better. I just finished The Help last night and loved it.

Mama Kat said...

Your dining room DOES look cozy though! Why ever would you want to leave? I know I know, cabin fever and such.

Doesn't being sick sound like more fun when you're not sick, but can't get a break? Then when you actually ARE sick you feel like you're going to die. Not a good time.

Desert Rose said...

I am never sick, so if it comes around to me, then I will probably think I am dying! I always buy my books too, I am a Barnes and Noble lover. And we get a lot of books, so our account doesn't love it so much. I'd do the library thing too, but I don't like return by dates..this doing it my way thing is very costly though. I donate all my books to the library I see that as my charity.

MiMi said...

So many people are sick! I hope you get better FAST!
We've had a couple people already get and read that book, The Help, and they both LOVED it. LOVE LOVED it. So it must be good!

shortmama said...

I hope you get to feeling better over the weekend!

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope you feel better. I hate being sick.


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