Thursday, July 19, 2012

Give a little love

It's been more than two weeks since my baby girl turned eight years old. Her birthday letter from me is long overdue and I almost let guilt get the better of me and didn't write it at all. But on a dinner date with her tonight I realized that she deserves every little bit of love I can give, any time I give it.

My Lulu,

Your actual birthday was June 30 and I feel more than a little terrible that Daddy and I were in Italy for your big day. But, I know we are important role models to you and I truly hope that you're learning from us that the timing of the world doesn't always work exactly like we want it to. I want you to take the time to learn about life from us before you decide to run headlong into for yourself. Even at eight I can see that it won't be too long before you decide you've got it down. You seem to have your head so high in the clouds sometimes that it doesn't even seem to phase you when life happens, but I also know better.

That teeny tiny tough exterior of yours belies your gigantic soft heart. Your capacity to love has no boundaries. I see how much love you have for your brother, your cousins, your aunts and aunties and your grandparents. You love, love, love your Grandma and your Nana so much and you bring them absolutely endless joy. They treat you like the Princess that you are and you deserve all of the pampering they give.
The end of first grade was just a few days before your birthday and you are so dang smart, Lu. Reading is totally your thing and your favorite books this year were Ivy & Bean. You were so proud of yourself for being the first girl to pass all her "gumball goals" math facts and even though I tried to teach you not to be boastful I was really proud, too. You got 100% on almost every spelling test all year long and started making stories out of your spelling words when just writing sentences became too dull. You are a truly exceptional writer.

And a crazy fast runner. Finally after watching your brother's track meets for three years you got to run in your first track meet and you did not disappoint your fan club. You and your classmates ran a great relay and YOU WON your heat in the 100M dash putting you 14th out of 57 first grade girls. That was awesome. We cheered you on through fall recreational soccer and an awesome spring season at indoor soccer. It is so much fun to watch you compete.

You, my eight year old baby, are so beautiful. I love your bright blue eyes, your tangled blonde hair and your smooth, golden skin. I love watching you create an entire world for your American Girl dolls in your room. I love watching you sing and dance in the dining room while I'm making dinner or loading the dishwasher. You're hilarious. You make me laugh. You make me crazy. You make me love more than I even knew I could. You make me better.

I love you so very much. It unnerves me to know that you watch my every move. I try really hard to be someone you can look up to. I fail pretty often, but I want you to take notice just as readily of my willingness to say I am wrong. There is nothing weak about asking for forgiveness. You have so many gifts to offer the world and I pray you will embrace them all and use your talents wisely. You can go so far and I will be with you every step of the way if you'll let me.

Happy Birthday with all my love,


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten Things: June 2012

We're halfway through the year and nothing seems to stop the time that is marching across the lawn, through the house and down the street - leaving these adolescent children and more than middle aged adults in it's wake.  I just can't even stand how quickly time is passing in life and with my family.  In all honesty, I don't have many reasons not to smile but counting ten each month is always a gift to me.

Emmy Mom posts on the last Tuesday of every month.  I needed another week to accept that all of June is gone.


A star performance by Officer #1 in the fourth grade play "Blame it on the Wolf"

Celebrating the end of first grade with the year-end luau.  They enjoyed sack races, limbo and balloon toss.  There are so many sweet little faces from first grade and we will miss Ms.Stigall.

My cousin (in-law) and bestie.  I love our chats in the car, our lunches and raising our kids together.  I feel truly blessed to have her.

Play dates, sleepovers and little girls with baby dolls

Family and friends who give their time and talent freely and love unconditionally

Healthy cousins who play{lots of } sports and cheer for each other

A quiet day at home and the beach celebrating Father's Day.

Tangible recognition for working too hard and a little dough for the road!

Eight years of being Mama to her.


** Italy deserves it's own post, but I am still smiling.


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