Sunday, September 6, 2009

F is for Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Everything seems right when the days are a little cooler and everyone is falling away from the madness of summer and into the more ritualistic calm of autumn. A few of my favorite things about fall . . .

College football - GO SEMINOLES!!

Back to school clothes

Chili and cornbread

Cozy sweaters

Blankets over cold toes on the couch

Brisk mornings

Hot chocolate for dessert

Looking forward to the holidays

Every season holds it's own magic and every year there is something new and exciting about each one as my kids explore their own agendas. In my own heart fall is always the favorite. Can hardly wait!!!



my fav thing about fall are the colors. i try to decorate my house like i am jumping into a pile of leaves.

btw, the pool we belong to is rampant with children, and there is a great ledge (it's called ledge pool) that goes around it for mommies to sit while the kids swim. well, it is inevitable that a bandaid will come floating along this edge and i just want to HEAVE! hate it.

shortmama said...

Hot chocolate, chili and cornbread....perfect!


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