Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Won!!!

My guys pulled out another first place league win in basketball today. I can't even pretend like it doesn't matter to me who wins or loses. I love to win! The coach. The players. The winning. I love it all a lot.

Congratulations Aztecs. I am so very proud of you

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Double Digits

My perfect first born son turned ten years old today. He has been looking forward to today for a LONG while and has relished in his day as only he can. In honor of my baby boy; a letter on his tenth birthday.

My Son,

You being so excited about your birthday is a gift in itself. Your enthusiasm for life is my favorite thing in the whole world. It is almost impossible to be in a bad mood in your presence.

On your tenth birthday you are in fourth grade. You're finishing a winning basketball season on your Dad's Aztec {of course} team, you have started practicing for spring baseball season and your track season starts in one week. It's fair that I call you The Athlete. You have mostly A's in school with only two B's - handwriting and math. You were selected by your teacher as a "Port Mate" aboard The Pilgrim because of your leadership and organizational skills and you just received the Manner of the Month award at school for looking adults in the eye as you're speaking and being spoken to. Those are all reasons for a Mama to be proud but some of the best things about you can't be measured.

Whatever you do you do well, but you also have a good time while you're doing it. Your friends love to hang out with you because you are witty and full of fun. Boys enjoy your company because you play hard but don't take yourself too seriously, and girls want to spend time with you because you are a good listener. Your cousins love to be with you because you are gentle and patient and generous. Your sister looks up to you and idolizes you for every reason. 

Punky, when I think about how quickly the last ten years have passed it takes my breath away. It doesn't seem that it's been ten years since the very first time I held you.  The most beautiful thing though about having you for a son is that I can't be sad to see the time pass. I am so excited about your future. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of your greatness if you will continue on the path you're on. I am certain that I am a little biased but you really are the perfect mix of tender and tough. 

God has big plans for you and every time I pray I ask that you will continue to seek Him for your tough questions and not go elsewhere for justification. I pray that life will be just hard enough that you understand you have to work for the things that matter, including love. I pray that the world will be kind enough that you maintain your enthusiasm and continue to share it with everyone you meet. I pray that you will never lose sight of how deeply you are loved and the unconditional support that comes from your family. Mostly, I pray that God will keep you close and that you don't have to learn very much the hard way. Oh how I pray for that.

Happy Birthday to you, my favorite ten year old. May the world always give you the goodness you deserve and may you continue to return the world's goodness to those who know and love you so much.

With All My Love,


Friday, February 3, 2012

Ten Things: January 2012

A new year full of new and wonderful things.  The wonderful things definitely aren't new.  They all live here.  That's reason enough to smile every month of the year.

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2012

My super cute girl sporting straw hair

Starting a new job and LOVING it.
Not lying in bed every morning wondering how to get out of going to work is truly a reason to smile.

An unexpected weekend night with E.  Every movie is better when it's impromptu.

Basketball season

A fresh clean house and a new study spot for my sweet students

Unseasonably warm, sunny winter days

Enjoying a deluxe mani/pedi thanks to a Christmas gift certificate.  THANKS, Mom!

A fun post-holiday outing to the USS Midway

A great night out with long time friends. It's been almost fifteen years since we worked together and it was so fun to catch up and have some laughs together.

My star student being recognized for his wonderful manners

On to February . . .

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