Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Right now

Life is keeping us awfully busy and I'm not blogging as much as I used to.  There was no energy for anything after our big weekend and I caught up on some of my favorite blogs last night.  As always, I was inspired by Amber at London Reid

I've never done a right now post but loved hers. It's like a little fill in diary. Here is a little snap shot of right now for me...

right now I am...

watching...The Bachelorette.  It is embarrassing that I like it because it is absolute trash television, but Emily seems almost NORMAL and I am intrigued by her choice to stay home and expose the eligible bachelors to real life.  I will give myself to mindless entertainment for this.  And I love to see what she's wearing. She is too cute!
reading... I just read books one and two of the Fifty Shades trilogy.  Whoa nelly!  I didn't know what it was about when I started and just wanted something new.  I got sucked right in and read them both in a little more than a week.  WARNING: For mature audiences only.

eating...watermelon.  It feels like summer when we're eating ripe, red watermelon.

drinking...Caramel Drizzle coffee. Still obsessed with my  Keurig.

wearing...lots of dresses.  That feels like summer, too. 
avoiding...putting away laundry.  After packing lunches that might be my least favorite thing to do.

feeling...anxious.  There are a lot of things on my personal to do list, as well as my business to do list.  The weekend was a complete blur and I'm having trouble getting back on track.  Clearly.  I am here and not working on either of those lists.

missing...my girlfriends.  They're called Brown Girls.  I am missing them all so much and wishing that time and distance weren't such a factor in our relationships.

thankful...for a wonderful weekend with my family.

weather...warm & sunny and I can see the navy blue sea through the kitchen window.

praying... for clarity on some business decisions.  The right choice for me isn't always the most obvious.

needing...to exercise.  I see it in the way my clothes are fitting and how tired I am.  A little exercise could cure an awful lot for me.

thinking...about enrolling the kids in summer camps. I've NEVER been this late.

dreaming...about vacation in Italy with E next month.  It still seems like a dream. 

loving...all the fun we've had lately with our baseball friends. Pizza parlors, bonfires at the beach and afternoon dips in the pool have been fun for all of us.

And you? What does your right now look like?

Monday, May 28, 2012


All weekend long we've been watching our kids shine in soccer and baseball.

The Princess scored two goals in soccer on Saturday to help her team to a 6-0 win. She is sassy and intense and we love her for her spunk.

Her brother is playing game five in a weekend baseball tournament for his All Star team. They won three of their first four games and are feeling their way around each other as they become a team for tournament play.

We haven't been home for anything other than a little sleep since Friday night and as I hauled the cooler and the chairs out the door again this morning I felt like a huge sacrifice to give up another day.

How selfish of me. I know there are families who have at least one parent serving who may have never seen one game of their children's seasons. Or families who have lost a parent who never will see their children make all stars.

Those families won't ever see this either but they deserve to be remembered. To all of those who serve and sacrifice in ways that I can never even dream of . . . Thank you. We are thankful for your service.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday

As this baseball season wraps up I am completely overwhelmed with admiration for my husband and his mini-me.  These boys have both worked really, really hard this season. E is such an impressive role model to the boys he is coaching and his son (AKA all-star first baseman!!) adores him.  He is absolutely worthy of the adoration he's receiving.

When I was making the Athlete's all star poster this week I tracked down photos from all six years he's been playing.  Six springs of dirty white pants and team jerseys.  Where has the time gone??

Spring 2007
Spring 2012
I love, love, love my boys. Life gets better every year with them both. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good and Plenty

So much goodness is happening here in our corner of the world.  We are busy.  We are healthy.  We can hardly wait for summer.

someone sassy scored three goals in her indoor soccer game!!!

There's a new man in the house named Keurig.  He makes a perfect cup of coffee in a flash.

Our Athlete was  nominated to the league's All Star team.  SO PROUD
Life is certainly not perfect, but it's plenty good for now.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Notes

There have been exactly seven nights since April 18 that I have slept in my own bed.  I have missed my family and always hope they miss me.  I got home last night and found a stack of hot pink post it notes scattered on my night stand. 

To be loved "more then the beach"  is the greatest gift in the world.  My heart is so full.


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