Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today was not one of those days when I wish I hadn't fought the urge to stay in bed and try again tomorrow. That would be lame and unbecoming of a girl like me with so much fire and passion for life. I greet each and every day with a cheery smile and some chirping birds tying my apron strings. Right?

And I would NEVER have excused myself from a conversation at drop off this morning with a total lie. Not me. I couldn't look right in the eye of another Mommy and say I had to dash off for a meeting when in all actuality I just think she is dull and superficial. Never. And I definitely wouldn't have been planning to go to Starbucks with the extra time I had on my hands after getting away from her.

Most certainly, I did not lament to my colleagues that my Canadian client is an effing beotch without disconnecting our phone call first. Did not, did not, did not. Not only do I not EVER curse, but that would be so unprofessional and it was not me. I love all of my clients and think they are brilliant, witty and highly overqualified for their positions. I could never bring myself to think something like that, much less say it out loud to multiple people without making sure the line was clear.

And if I had been out of the office all last week with undiagnosed crud I would be ALL OVER getting caught up and right on top of my projects. Yesiree I would. So it couldn't be me that has been daydreaming all day of the upcoming holidays, baby showers and what I am going to do for Christmas cards right down to whether or not I'll buy personalized postage stamps this year. Ohhh noooo. I am way to committed to my profession to be distracted like that. I am all there, totally present, all day every day and never dilly dally. Never. Not Me.

Most importantly, I would never have welcomed a homework meltdown as the perfect excuse to ship them off to bed early. Never. I welcome all of their pathetic tantrums as a growing experience and would have rationally discussed the problem well before I sent them straight to bed. Oh yeah.

You can head to MckMama's too and join in the Not Me Monday fun. It's so fun to see what everyone has NOT been doing!


shortmama said...

Tomorrow is a new day right?

MiMi said...

Oh no! The words I've NEVER dropped on calls before I disconnected could fill a whole "curse word dictionary." NOT! :)

Perfectly Phillips said...

OMGoodness...this was so funny! I absolutely love your Not Me Mondays...I would totally copy your idea (like I do everything else:)) except for the fact, I don't think I am smart enough to reverse things into Not Me...sadly, sadly, it usually is me. As I say, trouble finds me:)

You are too funny woman! So glad you are feeling better.


PS...really?! did you have to give me the idea of personalized stamps?! really. thanks. now i am going to obsess about it.


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