Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things: August 2011

August is always a fun and busy month for us.  We celebrate LOTS of birthdays, wrap up our summer, spend time outside . . . I can honestly say that we may do more "living" in August than any other month.  This year set a new standard for that because the month seriously zoomed right by us.

We ended a trip to Florida at the beginning of the month, did a couple more sports camps, worked a little, played a lot and took our annual camping trip to Yosemite.  Somewhere in there we wedged five family birthdays, the circus and the baptism of our sweet niece.  Yep, busy.

The day after we returned from our camping trip I couldn't wait to upload all of my photos, edit them and share them like crazy.  Yosemite is a dream for a photographer (not that I am).  Well that very day my computer DIED.  D.I.E.D. never to be resurrected.  I was devasted for a little bit, but not willing to give in to the notion that it was the end of the story.  I am praying that the component that I found online will let me move everything from my undead hard drive to the PC in E's office.  The photos I was able to retrieve for this post are still on my camera or I have emailed somewhere and could pull up.

And no, I didn't back up my hard drive.  Not one of my ten things to smile about.  But here are the ones that top the August list for me this year.

Ten Things ~ August 2011

My very privileged kids enjoying SIMPLE fun

Celebrating 90 years of life for E's beautiful Grandma

The precious blessing of our tiny niece C's baptism

My funny kiddos playing Lion Tamer with each other and using the lions' names they heard at the circus. 
 "Down Tikka" "Roll Over Tikka" "Here Tikka"

Our very old dog enjoying his vacation

E's unwaivering patience and tenderness with me as I struggled through camping.

Riding a bicycle every day for a week with my family and enjoying the beauty of God's creation over and over again

Finding an accessory (FINGERS CROSSED) that will let me retrieve all the files from the hard drive of my laptop that is dead!

A sweet little haircut and a visit from the Tooth Fairy to start first grade

This seriously ridiculous video of The Athlete reenacting the bear in a skit from Yosemite.  I have no idea why it cracks me up so much when he does this, but it's even better because he has sloppy joe plastered on his face and his eyes look exactly like his Dad's.  I tell him to "charm me" and he does.  I just can't help but smile and smile
Ranger Ned Show reenactment

Monday, August 29, 2011



The first day of school and the first day in the office since 8/17. That combination is almost lethal.

I've looked at this quote at least ten times and have reminded myself ten times more than that. It's so hard to make sure I am committing the time and love to them that they deserve.

And they really deserve it. So much.

The Athlete - 4th grade
The Princess - 1st grade

The choice should be so easy . . .

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dirt and Photos

We're trying to catch up from six days of camping and there is a LOT of dirt to contend with.  The piles of laundry on my patio look like this

It won't get finished tonight, but it can't come inside.  We had a seriously wonderful trip but I've had enough dirt to last me a while.

When I am not doing laundry this weekend we will be celebrating my E's birthday and editing photos.  There are tons of them and I am dying to get them all squared away to share.

The highlight of my day, I think, was editing this photo in Picasa. 

I am experimenting with the retouch option.  It's not that I don't think that man is perfectly fine, but he's got nothing to do with my sweet family.  Be gone with you sir.

That cracks me up and makes me want to go back to a million old photos and retouch them.  I'd like to think that if you hadn't seen the first photo you wouldn't think the retouched image looked like there was a ghost sitting behind the Princess.

I am also hoping I can find a way around the bonehead move of taking EVERY photograph in low resolution.  On accident.  Definitely not my favorite thing about today.

Laundry awaits . . . more to come.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warm Salt Water

My angel baby boy had a frenectomy on Monday morning and the gaping hole in his upper lip wasn't even half the size of the lump in my throat while he laid there squeezing my hand. The oral surgeon told me --

"Warm salt water and some TLC. He'll be good as new in a couple of days."

Was he talking about my guy or me?  Or everyone.  What couldn't heal with salt water and some TLC?

Salt water is the beach. A good cry. Some bath salts in the giant tub that never gets used.

And who ever gets enough TLC?

A kind word. A well timed hug or a kiss of reassurance. A note of encouragement, just because.

My skin is getting thick from the constant need to protect myself from the elements. The elements of time and the assault of life as a grown up. Harsh, unnecessary words and relentless professional pressure. The infinite questions of making the right choices and distributing every resource in exactly the right way.

Warm salt water and TLC.
 I'll add it to the list.

p.s.  and this guy is back to 110%.  The Rx worked for him.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping up with the Joneses

Our family blog has been desperately neglected lately.  We've been working {too much}, traveling {a lot} and playing {hard}.  When I want to sit down and write I end up unloading the dishwasher or just collapsing in a heap in bed.  Besides being painfully busy lately the recurring theme of the adult conversations in our house is about whether or not we're headed in the right direction.  Not as a couple - thank goodness we finally figured that out - but as parents.

Are we really doing what's right for them?

Those conversations always bring up so much self doubt for me and insecurity about how good I really am.  The absolute truth of all of that is that I never feel worthy of the true goodness that has been bestowed upon me.  My deepest darkest secret is that I think everyone else just does it so much better.

Their homes are more beautiful.  Their thighs are a little slimmer.  They are more patient and loving with their children.

Even as I know this about myself, I struggle with my children wanting to be like someone else or be something that is less than their authentic self.  All I want for them is to be the very best of whatever God intended for them to be.

And Emily from Jones Design Company popped into my inbox at 7:29 AM and I devoured her words immediately. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Emily is someone that I think just has it all together.  Her home is so lovely.  And she's very pretty and writes beautifully.  She knows how to edit digital photos and sew ruffle pillows.  She would definitely never wear flip flops to the dentist and her life must be so much better than mine.  Or she may just be human like the rest of us.

Her post today spoke directly to my heart and gave me a little hope and inspiration that I am desperately needing right now.  You can read the whole post here, but if you don't make it any further you have to read this devotion that she shared with her children.

“Stop comparing yourself to other people. When you compare yourself to others, you end up either feeling that you’re better than they are, or feeling bad about yourself. Neither of those things is what I want for you.
I created each of My children with unique talents. And I have given each of you your own road to follow. So it is useless to compare yourself to someone else – that person has a completely different path to follow.

When you want to feel good about yourself, remember how much I love you. Remember that I made you just the way I want you to be. And remember that I died so you could have My salvation. You are a jewel in My crown.”

How lovely and true and inspirational.  He made us the way he wants us to be.


And Us.

And the Joneses.  Amen.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten Things: July 2011

The theme for my summer posts seems to be that they're all late.  It's truly because we are so busy in the doing that I can't find the time to write about it.  If that was the worst of my problems for my whole life things would be dreamy.  And one day when my personal time and disposable income are unlimited I am going to make blog books with one specifically for Ten Things.  So I can't miss it now.

Ten Things to Smile About ~ July 2011

Celebrating the 4th of July TWICE with our fun loving family

Enjoying impromptu BBQ dinnners outside

Joining Amber at Starfish for Summer in Snapshots.  It's been so much fun to take more photos than usual and create the Picasa collages she shared a tutorial on.

Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream from Thrifty

A casual night in with my BFF

Getting sucked into Pinterest.  Oh my sweet addiction

Feeling like the bajillion dollar we spend on camp might be worth it.
They liked it!!

Saturday morning SUP class

Being blessed with my sweet Mom who will always go above and beyond to help me out and spend time with her grandbabies

Spending time in Florida with my family.

Summer is so bittersweet.  Just when you get the hang of it, it's over.  Happy August friends.


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