Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: May 2014

It's not like I mean to NEVER blog anymore, but a whole month passes and  I realize that it's over again. C'est la vie - -

Ten Things To Smile About: May 2014

Running, running, running.  The weather was amazing this month and running is getting so much easier and one of my very favorite things.

Even better than running alone is running in races.

Bob and I ran with friends in The Color Run.  She loved it more than me (read: hot, flat, blue powder EVERYWHERE) but I loved that we were spending our morning with friends doing something good for us.

At the end of the month I ran in the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run.  That I actually did love.  I ran with some other moms from school and we really had a blast.  The run itself was fun because of the obstacles that are unique to an active military base and the atmosphere is insane.  Really, really fun and something I will definitely do again.  The Athlete says he's doing it with me next year.  We'll see.

Confirming plans for our summer trip to Tallahassee.  We are all thrilled that the plans are a DONE DEAL and the kids are counting the days until we touch down in my hometown.

The Athlete and his team finishing their baseball season in first place.We teach sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance in our home, but we also think winning feels good.  Way to go!!

A beautiful Mother's Day spent with my favorites.  We had a great lunch and an easy, joy filled day together. There's really nothing more I could wish for.

The motivation that our girl has to do good work in school and how beautifully she manages her own inspiration.  The Girl Scout cookie box below was re-purposed as a diorama of a one room schoolhouse complete with desks made from toothpicks and cardboard.

My dear Mom celebrating her retirement after 28 years in the same office.  She can FINALLY slow down a little and take some time for herself.  And her work family sent her away with a little spending money to get started.  That's the cutest wreath, no?

Rescuing this sweet little man and opening our home to him and his ears.  He is crazy funny, sort of adorable and the cuddliest guy around.

Going with Bob's Girl Scout troop to watch their rescued seal being released back to the ocean after their contributions went to rehabilitating him.  He was rescued weighing around 30 pounds and was released at more than 70 pounds.  It was a remarkable to be a part of the release.


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