Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday

It's been about four thousand months since I did a Flashback Friday post, but we are dreaming of warm weather here and some down time.  V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. is on our mind.

The little blonde cocoa bean in this photo turned four on this 2008 summer trip to Hawaii.  She just got braces on Wednesday and is turning nine this summer.  And time marches on . . .

Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. 
~Author Unknown

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For my treasures

When I tell you that you're a gift to me, I mean it. Deep down, all the way through, I know that God had a plan for me that is still beyond my comprehension. When each of you came to Daddy and me I wasn't anxiously wishing for you. I've seen the despair and hurt that comes when there is a Mama with no baby and that wasn't me. I didn't even know that I needed you to become the person that God intended for me to be. I thought I was fine. But then everything changed.

My gratitude for you was immediate and intense. The gift of your life was, and never is, lost on me. I understand fully that I am better because of you. Every day. Every time I pray, I say thank you FOR you. But maybe not enough TO you.

My precious babies, thank you. Thank you for loving me so fully even when I fail you. Thank you for loving each other with a ferocity that only siblings can share. Thank you for your giant smiles, sharp minds and your love of dogs and sunshine. Thank you for taking out the trash, hanging up your back packs and being great readers. Thank you for being your unique and extraordinary selves.

My sensitive and gentle son, I thank you for the lesson that not every action must be so intense that it fractures the intended outcome. Thank you for your humility, your dark curly eyelashes and your giant heart. Thank you for treating your Dad like a hero and me like a Princess. Thank you for listening carefully when I am struggling to be good enough for you and can't articulate exactly what I want for you. Thank you for trying so hard to make me feel like I am not destroying your spirit when I am clumsy and cruel in my words to you.

My spirited and brilliant girl, thank you for your mischief and your wonder of the world. Thank you for reminding me that energy and curiosity need positive outlets and for never allowing me to be lazy about our time together. Thank you for giving me a dose of own medicine sometimes but then forgiving easily when I bare my soul and apologize for my lack of patience. Thank you for your sparkly blue eyes that see straight through me and your fierce hugs and wild laughter.

You are my treasures. You are a gift. Every bouquet of flowers, every card and breakfast on a tray is appreciated, but there is nothing that I want more than happiness and wellness for the two of you. Mother's Day is my honor.

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