Monday, April 28, 2008

From the mouths of babes

Max plays all of his baseball games at his elementary school. At his game over the weekend, Pia was playing on the playground with her Grandma.

“Pia, is this going to be your school?”

“No way.”

“Don’t you want to be a big girl and go to Kindergarten like Max?”


“Honey, why don’t you want to go here for school?”

“If you go here, you lose your teeth!!”

Have a good week ; )

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Primetime Television Debut

OMG - my life is so busy right now, and chock FULL of happy moments I could write on my blog for days. But that would be a little self-serving right? My family is far more interesting, charming and deserving of my shameless praise and promotion. But I did have a great time with my Super Great Girlfriend yesterday that I have to share! We went to a taping of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. We laughed for hours because the whole situation seemed so unreal.

It is VERY hot in California right now and it was over 100 degrees in Glendale yesterday when we drove up. The "call time" was 2 PM and we got to where we were supposed to be a little after 1. We hadn't eaten and went in search of a restroom and something to eat. We laughed and laughed because the neighborhood we were in was a LOT different from San Clemente. I was wearing a sleeveless black undershirt and I could NOT put on my jacket because I didn't want to wilt before my primetime debut. So there we are in a Jack in the Box and we've never felt so squeaky clean and shiny white! We are pure comedy together sometimes and this was no exception. Of course we were standing in a Jack in the Box in Glendale together, me in a tube top and her in this gorgeous silk blouse with freshly highlighted, shiny blond hair. Of course!!

So we parked at a church where there was a single posterboard painted with WTE AUDIENCE PARKING. We were being shuttled to the studio! Who knew? We quickly learned how serious they were about confidentiality when we signed confidentiality agreements acknowledging that the show would suffer immeasurable damages if we leaked information and we could be sued for up to Five Million dollars. Needless to say, I won't be sharing with you who Matt picks ; )

After we took a van to the studio from the barrio, I mean church, we waited in line outside for what seemed like a reeeallllly long time. Remember 100+ degrees outside. There were assistants roaming with clipboards and headsets asking people if they were willing to ask a question. Hello, of course I'm willing. I'd love to!!! So I give them my question and push Amy out of line to ask her question, too. It's our big chance to be on TV, right? We finally file into the studio in small groups and they check our handbags for cameras, cell phones, random contraband and pass us through a metal detector. I've been lucky enough in the last few years to see some major stage productions and understand what it takes to turn nothing into something special. The Producers of The Bachelor clearly understand, also. There were a million candles, flowers, lights and monitors in exactly the right places in this empty studio in the middle of nowhere. There were so many flowers that it actually smelled good in the room. Niiiiice

Amy and I were still having fun just being part of this. We would look at each other and crack up for really no good reason at all. About ten minutes into being in our seats we realized that we weren't part of the group that was going to be able to ask questions. Bummer! We were there to be on TV,and we were missing our chance. Well, not so long after that we realized that we WERE going to be on TV. We were sitting right behind Chris Harrison!!! For someone that thought they wanted to be on TV, I did not respond favorably. I was terrified. We sat in that studio for three or four hours and I hardly moved a muscle. I was so nervous and artificial and mesmerized. I am just dreading seeing the episode air in two weeks to see how silly I look as I sit paralyzed behind Chris Harrison the ENTIRE TIME.
The girls filed in - all of whom are incredibly thin and gorgeous. I mean really, really thin and gorgeous. If you need to put your ego in check, ever, I recommend watching a show where you are critical of other people. Then see them in person and realize that it must be absolutely true that the camera adds 50 pounds and washes you out. And THEN realize that you're going to be on camera!! Humbling is not a good enough word. These girls were beautiful and most of them seemed genuinely happy to see each other. Good for them because the rest of the experience for them seemed like it might not have been so fun.

Much later Matt came out. Holy hot! He is very tall, much more handsome in person than on the show, and incredibly witty. I don't have the personality (or the spray tanned, 95 lb body) to be willing to go through what these women went through should I ever not be married to my terrific husband, but I have to say that I think the isolation and hardships might have been worth it to the girl that snagged him. He truly seemed to be genuine and charming and in love with his brand new fiance. Good for her!

We had a lot of fun, I would definitely do it again (in a different seat) and I can't wait to see the final shows air. We got to watch the episode that will air tomorrow night where they go on their exotic dates on Barbados. It's GOOD! You'll especially like his date with Chelsea! If you watch the episode of the Women Tell All when it airs in two weeks be sure to look for us. I hope we're harder to find than it seemed when we were there. Amy is the beautiful blond and I am the statue to her left! I should keep my day job because I don't see this weekend as my big break into television ; )

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas . . .

The Tooth Fairy is coming to San Clemente tonight!

Max had an unfortunate accident at school yesterday that left him with a badly cracked front tooth. He was a brave little soul and I realize now that he wasn't complaining because he was afraid of having it pulled. We did have to make a trip to his Dentist's office, but after some strawberry-scented nitrous oxide and a huge cup of ice cream, he's as good as new!

The crack went all the way through his tooth to the root and was exposing the nerve. We wouldn't have made it through one more day without a problem. We have a plastic tooth container with the four pieces of his tooth under his pillow tonight. Max has assured me that Santa told the Tooth Fairy how to get to our house. Smart kid!! What exactly does the Tooth Fairy bring these days? I guess we'll find out shortly. I need to be sure the Tooth Fairy has some cash. Oh, Tooth Fairy, where are you . . .

Monday, April 14, 2008

Date Night (Weekend)!!


Ed and I went away for the weekend and it was NICE! I was invited to a Hilton event in Santa Barbara and we were thrilled with the chance to getaway on our own. Before we left I was pretty sure we hadn't even shared a meal alone since sometime in February! Max & Pia were lucky enough to sleepover with their Grandma and Grandpa and we enjoyed some much needed down time. We had dinner, cocktails, more than a two minute conversation and some gorgeous California sunshine. I even read a book! On Saturday we did a downhill (down a 4,000 ft HILL!) bike ride that AND went swimming, all in the same day! When we got home yesterday I almost felt human again. Of course, a weekend away leaves lots of laundry stacked up and a list of chores that were missed. But that's the beauty of a getaway. At least for a few minutes you can forget it all! I hope you and yours had a nice weekend, too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who are these children . . .

Have you ever seen that shirt? I remember what seemed like decades ago seeing that shirt and thinking "what a sad unhappy housewife she must be to wear that".
WELL, that was in the days of me being a happy stay-at-home Mom/ sometimes Event Consultant and thinking that every burp and coo from Max was headline worthy. I am NOT an unhappy housewife and I DO love my children, but Man oh Man do they ever stop talking?
On occasion, like today, Pia gets up before I do and starts her day standing on my side of the bed TALKING.
"Mom, are you sleeping?"
"Mom, can I watch a cartoon?"
"Mom, I want some cereal."
"Mom" . . ."Mom" . . . "Mom"
She proceeds to talk all the way through my shower about the dog, her hair, wearing flip flops to school and who will pick her up this afternoon. It's barely 7 AM. I can generally make it through the morning chatter well enough because there are diversions. Getting dressed, breakfast, teeth brushing, hair styles, vitamins, etc.
THE CAR is an entirely different story. Have you seen the auto commercial where the parent straps the little girl in the seat while she is talking and she is still talking after the Driver's door closes and the car is moving? Welcome to a Montoya vehicle. Now Pia's chatter is compounded by Max's ten million questions about every single thing in the world.
"Mom, is today the second Wednesday in April?"
"Mom, can we call Nana when you pick me up from camp?"
"Mom, what are Olympics?"
"Mom, is Pia going to school first?"
We haven't even gotten on the Freeway for Pete's sakes!
I love them, I am genuinely grateful that they are articulate and are curious about the world, but there are days that I truly wish they would wait until they were with their friends to talk about it all! Point of the story is, you definitely do not have to be a sad, unhappy housewife to want to ignore your children sometimes. You just have to have a set of working ears. Not sure if I'd wear the shirt in public, but I can at least understand the sentiment now. Lucky me ; )

Monday, April 7, 2008

Go Padres!

PETCO Park, San Diego

The Montoya Family made it to our first game of the 2008 Regular Season and we were not disappointed. We LOVE San Diego and Padres home games are a treat for all of us. I just like being outside and spending the day with my gang. Ed likes it for a million reasons I don't even know; San Diego the city, long standing loyalty to the Padres, beautiful Petco Park, a common interest with Max . . . As you know, he's a big fan! My Max loves to eat hot dogs and watch his favorite team. Pia's favorite thing will depend on the day for sure, but she got to wear a tank top yesterday, got a new hat from the Padres and got to eat peanuts. That's as good as it gets for her. We sadly lost to the Stinkin' Dodgers (Max's title for them), but it didn't put too much of a damper on a fantastic day. We stopped at El Indio on the way home and got our fix on greasy Mexican food. Everyone's already looking forward to the next game. Go Padres!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friendly Neighborhood Helpers

Max Montoya & Gavin Cuevas

Concordia Elementary hosted their Kindergarten Spring Performance yesterday, Friendly Neighborhood Helpers. Lots of Max's friends have older siblings so the first year of school is not as magical for their parents as it is for me. I am amazed and impressed with how much the kids are learning, both academically and about how to succeed in the world. I was surprised with their props, ALL of the dialogue and just how charming a whole bunch of 5 and 6 year olds are when they are focused. Max (and his friend, Gavin) were firefighters and they were darling! Below is the link for a two minute video of the firefighters' performance. There were also dentists, veterinarians, grocers, librarians and plumbers. Each vocation had their own script and song while the remainder of the "cast" sang back up for them.

We had a "Cast Party" at Beau's house for the entire K2 class. What fun for them?!?!? A pool, a jacuzzi and a trampoline. Woo hoo! I was delighted to share in it all and spend the day with my my little guy who's growing up so fast. There are lots of neat kids in his class and we are thrilled to be having fun with families in our neighborhood. It's going to be a great summer at the beach!

p.s. I need a little more work on my video uploading skills . . . I will post as soon as I can figure it out!!


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