Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We had a terrific Father's Day weekend. It was action packed, of course, but that must be the way we like it. My amazing husband ran in the World Famous Camp Pendelton Mud Run on Saturday. It's an annual event held on the Marine Base, Camp Pendleton, for two weekends in June. A 10K run complete with military style obstacle course, and aptly named, lots of mud. This is the third year that he has run and only the first year that the rest of us tagged along. Fantastic!

Max was beyond excited just to be able to go onto the Marine Base. He declared it was the best day of his life before we ever even made it to the race site. He saw helicopters, tanks and "Army Guys" before 9 AM. You really can't imagine his delight! He had been looking forward to it for days and he and Pia even made a poster for their Dad while he was out of town earlier in the week.

We had a great time from our ringside seats alongside the final mud pit and we were all beside ourselves when Ed belly crawled over to us to say hi. After 14 years together (that's right, this week is 14 years!!) he still impresses me constantly. I was so proud of him for pushing himself physically and honoring a tradition and a commitment to his classmates. His kids were proud just because he's their terrific Dad and the fact that he was swimming in mud didn't hurt!!

God Bless Daddies for every reason they're loved. I hope your weekend was just as special.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Refreshingly Honest

There are times that being a parent just reels me into reality and makes me realize that there is nothing more important than hearing what my kids say and being able to laugh at them ~ and myself!!

Max was following me to the kitchen this morning and I commented that my jeans were a little big while I was pulling them up on my waist. Innocently walking behind me he says,

“They’re still tight on your butt.”

If that’s not an ego check and a reason to laugh on Friday then I don’t know what is. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"That" Girl

It's official, I've become "That Girl".

That Girl is a phrase that I coined after my friend, Laura, who is her husband's wife ~ first and foremost in her life, without apologies. I used to laugh at her because she was not shy about saying how much she needed her husband in every way. She needed him to change light bulbs, she needed him to bring her ice cream in bed when she was pregnant . . . She is the first person to say that she is not complete without her husband. That used to be so funny to me. I thought it was super cute, but I truly did not get it. Way back then (7+ years ago) I was a super independent, hard-working, newlywed that loved her husband, but I definitely did NOT need him. Not anymore . . .

Now I am That Girl. I can't sleep when Ed's not home. I don't know where our checkbook is (that's actually ridiculous, I know). I need him to have the Laker game on really loud after dinner. I need him to brush his teeth and check e-mail while I am reading in bed. I need him to kiss me goodnight. I truly, deeply miss him when I am not here and even more when is the one away from home.

Giggle first, and then say a little prayer for me. I hardly slept at all last night and Ed's not home until tomorrow. I miss my guy, because I'm That Girl. I am SO lucky!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tiny, yet mighty

Pia Grace will be 4 on June 30 and still hasn't topped the scale at 30 pounds. She came home from her Grandma's recently in an old skirt that was 12-18 mos, and it FIT! She's not a big girl, but it seems to suit her. Don't let her size fool you, though, she is one tough cookie. We all went out on our bikes today and she rode over two miles on her pink Princess bicycle. Almost at the end of our trek she literally went head over heels down an enbankment and ended up face first. I was horrified and convinced that she had broken her arm, or worse. She definitely cried and has a few scrapes to show off, but she finished crying and got right back on her bicycle. The first thing she said was "I'm gonna beat those boys!" I'm so proud of that tiny girl!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

End of the Season

We had a great time at Max's last baseball game yesterday and the End of Season party that followed. The boys got to play their final game "machine pitch" with the balls coming to them mechanically instead of being aimed right at their bat by their own coach. Everyone did great and they loved it! Max and I have both admitted to being sad the season is over and I am sure that Ed and Pia will miss it, too. Actually, Pia will be thrilled. She has complained for weeks about going to Max's games. Poor girl! The rest of Max's female fan club is going to miss the chance to cheer for him every week.

Each boy got a pennant with his name on it last night and a phrase that fits them. "Most improved" "Big Hitter" Max's was very funny and way too appropriate . . .

This isn't just playtime folks. This is baseball.

Sounds like Montoya to me. Until next season . . .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calgon . . . take me away

Do you remember those commercials? The busy woman in heels who was begging for a bubble bath and no noise. That's me (and my husband, and most of our friends!) When does it all end and we feel like we are actually ahead of the game? I am starting to understand that life goes directly from this to complaining about an empty nest - in a matter of minutes. I am not necessarily complaining, but I am lamenting the lack of resources to do all the things that my family is committed to in a 24 hour period. This week alone our schedule looks like this -

Costco trip after school(we're officially out of food), a Dentist appointment, Swim Lessons - twice for each kid, a Doctor's appointment, a 9 PM Basketball game, a mid-week Little League Game, End of Year party (complete with DVD slideshow, coach's gifts, flowers for helpers and a baseball cake), three early morning meetings, volunteering in Max's class, twelve loads of laundry, Little League Closing Day, a Legoland date with Max & Pia's cousins AND two parents with full time jobs with a commute thrown in at $4.35 a gallon. Woe is me!

Time starved, check.

Emotionally overwhelmed, check.

Needing a vacation, check.

Gloriously blessed, double check.

I wish I had more time to Blog. I wish I lived closer to my family and old friends. I wish I had unlimited cash to buy my way out my hassles. But I don't wish for anything more than my heart will allow. I know this is as good as it gets, I wish it just came with more than 24 hours in a day. These two are looking forward to some downtime!


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