Thursday, September 17, 2009

O is for Octopus

If I had six more arms would it be enough? Can any overachieving, deep loving, hard working woman ever have enough time and resources? I'll say no. Even if I were an eight legged creature who didn't need to catch my breath to survive it wouldn't suffice.

Arm One is for loving ~ calm those fears, kiss those tears, tell him he's the one

Arm Two is for working ~ sign here, fly there, pretend you're having fun

Arm Three is for homemaking ~ dust this, bake that, adjust the frame just right

Arm Four is for memory making ~ look this way, step over there, can I upload these tonight?

Arm Five is for playing ~ apply sunscreen to him, find a hat for her, the tickets are right here

Arm Six is for resting ~ close the shutters, lock the door, a quiet moment's near

Arm Seven is for friend keeping ~ send the card, make the call, the effort is so crucial

Arm Eight is for me ~ care for your skin, keep your teeth clean, aging is just brutal!

Knowing that six more hands won't help I'm going to have to keep moving with the two I am lucky enough to have. It would be nice though to have an extra one to hold my drink while I'm trying to take a photograph and wrap a birthday gift simultaneously . . .


shortmama said...

Love this!

KID said...

With all that you do, I think you somehow do have 8 arms. Amazing :)


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