Wednesday, September 16, 2009

N is for NOT

It is NOT a good morning at 1307. Grrrr

I am NOT interested in making lunches out of nothing. Again.

It is NOT charming to me that my 5 year old cut her own hair. I do NOT want to take her to get it evened up because I am NOT sure the end result is going to be flattering.

I do NOT want to take 3 ibuprofen for this headache just so I can drive them to school. It is NOT exciting to me that I have a stack of to do's on my desk that I am NOT going to get through today, although I will NOT eat lunch.

It is NOT my favorite thing that I committed to blogging through the alphabet every week day in September. I am NOT a quitter, but this is NOT what I want to do right now.

I am NOT proud of myself for being such a crabby bitch. Tomorrow will NOT be this bad.

I'm NOT so sure



my son cut his hair too, but thank goodness he's a boy and we just buzzed it off - that stinks

Perfectly Phillips said...

Hey Woman!

We all have days like this!!! I swear sometimes it feels like I have more of these than good ones. If it helps, I've enjoyed your alphabet is it that you can make me die laughing and then make me cry...all in a week?! Keep it up girl!!!!

shortmama said...

I loved all your nots! So far neither of my girls have cut their hair, keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way

Mrs. Montoya said...
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