Sunday, September 27, 2009

V is for Victory

The gym is crammed full of tiny girls bobbing to Miley Cyrus and we don't know any of them. She is timid and overwhelmed. I pass her off to the high school cheerleader in charge of the tiniest and pretend that I think it's all fine. I have to attach myself to the concept that if I am not nervous she won't be nervous. It's hard to stand by and watch her discomfort. I fear it will be harder later if I don't let her build courage each time she has the opportunity.

I stand by for a little while. Just to be sure. And it clicks. She's fine and happy. And I'm fine and happy. Happy for her. And happy for me. She's doing her thing. And I must say. Her thing is just too dang cute. Good job, baby girl! You make me so proud. See The Video Here


Desert Rose said...

Aww, how cute! Your little star of the show!

MiMi said...

She's SO cute! : )

shortmama said...

So sweet!


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