Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things that can make me smile ~ anytime, anywhere . . .

My babies laughing * warm, sunny beach days * cocktails * handwritten notes * a song with perfect lyrics * a cozy blanket * memories of my Nanny * entertaining * snoring dogs * cheese & crackers * wine with girlfriends * date night with E * hugs * holding hands * yummy smelling candles * oversized sunglasses * cashmere * a great book * jewelry * knowing I’m a little like my Dad * hydrangeas * country music * e-mail * surprises * popcorn and Jr Mints * Lady Antebellum * being happily married * bubble baths * Hawaii * Starbucks * clean sheets * outdoor concerts * family * giving the perfect gift * seashells * Pinterest * weddings * high heels * the smell of leather * making my parents proud * planning a trip * Girl’s Nights * grilling * outdoor fires * pajamas * a great handbag * ponytails * dessert * Bob getting her nails done * tan shoulders * flip flops * The Athlete playing basketball * brand new babies * getting it all done * P.C.H. * old photographs * shopping online * relaxing after working hard * a heartfelt apology * pedicures * coming home from a trip

Our baby girl is God's reminder that only He is in control.  She is extraordinary in every way and   pushes us to be better parents and citizens of the world.  She is a singer, dancer, painter of nails and lover of animals. Her favorite food is sugar and the only thing she loves more than candy is her Dad and her big brother.  She has a family of American Girl dolls in her bedroom and we'll let her live in doll city for as long as her imagination is innocent enough.  She completes our family in ways we never even knew we needed and is a treasure.


Our son is a quintessential All American boy and earns the title of "The Athlete" season after season.  At 11 he has settled pretty solidly into baseball and basketball, but asks on a regular basis if our next date can be on the golf course.  He is gentle, charming and intelligent and the best dancer ever! Even saying his name makes me smile. We couldn’t ask for more in a first born boy.

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