Sunday, September 13, 2009

L is for Living

Lucky us. If you're reading this you made it through another weekend and so did I. I consider myself blessed for that. Fatalistic is a word that I consider often. What does it really mean? In my mind it means that you believe that everything is destined to come to a tragic end. If that's the case then I could certainly be qualified as fatalistic. I heartily believe in happy, but I am skeptical about happily ever after.

Spending time with old friends and new acquaintances is a sobering reminder of the challenges and beauty of living day to day. Dating, dirty divorce details, single parenthood . . . The list goes on and on and it's exhausting. How can living be sooooo good and so painful simultaneously? How does an uncertain life become a better one?

I live happily and comfortably. I love my husband and children unconditionally, work hard and play often. I've heard we make it look easy. It's not, but we try hard. My friends are turning to me for advice and I have none. Not because I am not brilliant (because I SO AM ~ wink, wink) but because I think everyone's version of good is different. I've not walked a mile in their shoes and don't want to pretend to know what it will take to make it work for them.

Am I grateful to be living here and now?

You really have no idea. Really.

Do I know how to make great last or make not great go away?

Not at all.

I am living right now with all of my heart, wherever I am. Tomorrow I will give what I've got to that. The alternative to life on Earth does not scare me, but this is too good to pass up while it's mine. I am madly in love with the chance to live here and now will do whatever I can to cherish what I have. That's the advice I want my friends to take. Life is too short not to.

The living moment is everything. ~ D.H. Lawrence


shortmama said...

Really that is inspirational and I think we should all be living that way


bravo. live in the moment. wonderfully said. get rid of your word verification plz before i lose an index finger. i'm begging you.

Mrs. Montoya said...

Kelly - I don't know how to remove word verification. Please enlighten me :)


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