Monday, August 31, 2009

Ten Things to be Happy About This Month

I love Emmy's idea for the last day of the month and hope she doesn't mind me stealing her idea. I am always looking for ways to remember to Give Thanks and refresh my short, stale memory of blessings. August is over (already in my mind) and I am in LOVE with September. But I did have all sorts of reasons to smile in August before I got tired of it.

Health Insurance

Sunday nights on HBO

An overnight date and spa day with my favorite guy

. . . and Grandparents who babysit and my kids love to be with

Bridget Grace Anderson

AMAZING friends like Tracey and Summer who take my kiddos swimming and to McDonald's and to the movies when they are just DONE with being at home.

Getting tickets to see Kenny Chesney with the GIRLS

$19 jeans at Old Navy & shopping with gift cards from my birthday!!

Ill mannered dogs that lie on the furniture and love unconditionally

Vacation Memories

Gratitude is the least of the virtues, but ingratitude is the worst of vices. ~ Thomas Fuller


"The Roux" in the Soup Bowl" said...

ok so I am TOTALLY jealous- I am a HUGE Kenny Chesney fan - have seen him 3 times in concert !!!!!!
love the new blog look!

Emmy said...

Loved your list, glad you did it. And SO jealous about the Kenny Chesney tickets!

Michelle and Heath said...

OK so I can't believe this is my first time seeing your blog! Nice to 'meet' you haha! I love it! I am going to add you to my list to follow! I just might have to steal this idea too...but maybe next month...I think I wrote enough Saturday to last my whole month...haha! Hope we can meet in person soon! ;) PS - Your kids are ADORABLE!!!!!


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