Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Bloggy Friends

One of my favorite places these days is the blogosphere. I still love Maui and my kitchen and Ann Taylor, but I have met some of THE coolest, wittiest, most faithful and inspiring people of my life through their writing. Some of them I have other contact with ~ some of them I don't. But I love to read what's happening. Everyone's story moves me in some way. There are lots of Moms with funny stories about their kids, home improvement tips, advice on parenting or cooking and really heartfelt moving tales.

I'm still not sure what I want my own blog to be when it grows up. It used to be a photo album for my parents to see what the kids were doing on any particular day. It's grown to be more than that for me and I want to raise it tenderly and see what comes from it. No doubt, my bloggy friends are a good push towards that. I have a blog project coming up in September that will be a test for me. For now, I want to share with you what some of my favorite blogs are up to. You just won't believe the work that God is doing all over the place right now.

Kellie - Life in the Soup Bowl

This sweet Mama is not a bloggy friend to me. She is a God given friend who I admire and cherish deeply. Our paths crossed not long after she had her first child and had returned to a storm wrecked New Orleans to start her life again as a Mother. Technically we are colleagues, but she is way, way more than that to me. She has a brand new blog that I am anxiously anticipating amazing things from. Her first blog entry is moving and genuine. Just like her.

Sarah - Sarah Markley

Wow - this woman's writing leaves me breathless time after time. She is a very real example to me of an imperfect wife and mother who is working with God to make her life and others better. I have been following her writing for several months, I won a terrific book through a giveaway on her blog and have consulted with her on writing etiquette. This week she is sharing the very true tale of the almost demise of her marriage and I am positively captivated by her story. Sarah is nothing short of remarkable.

MckMama - My Charming Kids

I've posted blog entries asking you to pray for Stellan, MckMama's youngest son. Just a few weeks ago he was in the hospital struggling for his very young life and I followed them intensely for days. My affinity for small children is uncanny considering my lack of patience, but I believe that God gives us every single child for a very specific reason. I really didn't want Stellan's reason to be as a teacher about loss. Outside of the fact that MckMama is a fantastic writer, an amazing photographer and some sort of superhuman Mother I love her candor and her wit. She did an update post on Stellan this week and he is absolutely precious. Check out how big he is getting and those amazing eyes.

Jenny - Let's have a cocktail

This is a very recent obsession and this lady is one hot mess. She says all of the things that I dream about. You know, now that I have transformed into my more conservative, adult self :) I am not entirely sure that God is doing any work here, but he has give me Jenny for some serious comedic relief. There are so many days lately that I need it desperately and there she is. Saying something wildly cunning and hysterical and I am whole again. She is a gift.

Oh, I could go on and on. I love my bloggy friends and there is just so much greatness to share. Funny, charming, pregnant, organized . . . It's like my very best version of Girls Night Out and everyone is having show and tell. A dream. After you stop crying and laughing simultaneously from the links above check some of my other favorites. You'll be hooked, too!

Rita - Fighting Off Frumpy

DrewB - Momtog

Kat - Mama's Losin' It

Chris - Just A Girl


JennyMac said...

How fantastic to be featured on your blog! Thank you.

And yes, I do have big fun with my blog, and this is why the uber conservative lawyer world in which I work knows NOTHING about it. :)

"The Roux" in the Soup Bowl" said...

Thank you my wonderful friend. You mean the world to me and am better just to know you!I promise to make you proud on my space created by you!!!


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