Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I've Learned from My Toddler - So Far

The days of toddlers in our house have passed us by, but my babies taught me some gorgeous lessons about life along the way. Per MamaKat's Writing Workshop today, here are the lessons I learned from my toddlers.

The world is magical if you make the time to look beneath the surface

The most cherished gifts don't have to be expensive

Enjoy Yourself - even when things get messy

Sometimes you just need a nap

A new dress can be life changing

Life is way too short to take yourself too seriously

Thank you God for giving me toddlers. They are an extraordinary blessing to me that I might not have even known I needed.


Valerie said...

Hey there!! I'm so happy you found my blog. Those bobby pins are the best!! Thank you so much for your order. I have everything together and will ship it to you tomorrow! Did you have any trouble finding a link to the Etsy store on my blog? You made my second and third sale - I'm so psyched!

Your blog is too cute by the way!

Kimberly said...

Stopping over from Mama Kats and I love your blog post! This prompt is one of my favorites yet, and I love how you wrote about it with pictures and words, very true and poetic!

Valerie said...

P.s. this is a really great post and I love you you incorporated the pictures with the lessons.

Anonymous said...

Aww those are adorable!! Great post :)

Laurie said...

I love the way you used your pictures with what you learned. I wish I wasn't so lazy...then maybe I would have looked for some pictures or maybe even took a few new ones :-)!

Dabalack Family said...

You find the best the pictures to express your written word. I makes my heart fill with love. Some day when you print this blog to a book, your kids and family will love it. Love ya!!

PS - Happy Early Birthday, may you have an amazing day filled with the best moments you will sit back on and smile about in the years to come!!

Emmy said...

That is a great great list! Love it!
Kids really do help us realize what is most important in lives.. especially naps :)


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