Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me, Crybaby!

Welcome to Not! Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can cruise on over to her blog to check out what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It is so NOT me to be on the verge of tears about EVERYTHING lately.

I did not cry twice last night because my precious babies had put themselves to bed and I didn't get to pray with them. I did not go into each of their rooms and lie in their beds for a minute and just touch them without regard for disturbing their peace. I did not need to watch their sleeping faces before I could go to bed.

It is not me that has cried a lot lately because I want to call my Nanny so badly. It is not me that cries every.single.time those sweet little people do something that I want to share with her. It's not me that thinks she would be so proud of Spunky Little Miss and her darling big brother. Not me, not me, not me that misses her so much it hurts.

It surely wasn't me that blew off the entire world for the weekend just to recharge and get some things done around the house. I did not cry either. Not when I was updating my blog and couldn't find enough words to express my gratitude for this life I'm living. Or when Sophia wanted to hold my hand while we were watching a movie on the couch. Nooooottt me.

And most of all I did not start work on our photo wall this weekend and BAWL over old pictures that I unpacked. No. Not. Me. Did not cry over the ones of Max as a baby with his binky permanently attached to his face. Or the ones of my dear friends little ones when they really were little. Or the ones of E and me as twenty somethings living a carefree easy life. Not once. Did not cry.

And it's definitely not me that can't wait to get out more of them and continue work on the project. The idea of getting them all on the wall does not excite me. Not me. Not at all.

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Dabalack Family said...

Not me who loves to read your blogs, not me who wishes we lived closer so we could sit on your porch with a glass of wine or bacardi and diet coke to share in our moments of motherhood. It is not me who loves you and the love you have for your family!!


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