Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. Clean

Is it wrong that I think it's HOT when a man helps with housework? My husband and I are a thoroughly modern couple, but I still don't really expect him to do housework. Maybe it's the Southern girl in me . . .

Imagine my delight when I came home from work last night to find him with granite cleaner in one hand and a sponge in the other. Can you hear the angels singing on the soundtrack in my head?

There are just a million things that I think are fantastic about the man I married, but I've always been in love with his willingness to get dirty. Besides the yardwork he does laundry, hardwood floors, unloads the the dishwasher - I love it!!! He does a ton of amazing things for me and we have grown up a lot as a couple in the last few years. I am deeply in love with who we are right now, but for the moment I really just love my super clean kitchen.

Thank you, babe! Clean or dirty I am so glad you're mine

1 comment:

Tyne said...

Ha! Isn't that so true? I love when my husband helps with housework!!!


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