Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Post Holiday Panic


My mind is literally bursting with Random Thoughts. Bursting, do ya hear? Reader Beware

I knew that January would be busy, but I am not sure I realized how much it was going to hurt and how panicked I was going to be. The long vacation was pretty good, but almost not worth it. Work is a BEOTCH, homework sucks, I forgot how much I hate making lunches and I really just want to shop in the morning and wrap gifts all afternoon. What exactly is wrong with that schedule? It worked for two weeks. Not sure why we had to go and change things.  I am not adjusting well.

One of my oldest girlfriends is in town and stayed with us last night. I am ALWAYS happy to see friends and love to open my home. The Princess feels differently. After she got kicked out of graciously offered her room to her Grandmother for two weeks at Christmas she was not delighted to get kicked out share her lovely space again with someone who is a stranger to her.  She woke up TWICE last night and the last time she was literally kicking and screaming.  She said she was scared.  I think she was pissed and letting us know.  She got the primo spot in our bed for her troubles.  I'm still tired from trying to dodge her scrawny elbows.

The Athlete got a project template before Christmas for something that is due next Monday.  I made him feel thoroughly guilty last night for not working on it during break instead of playing DS and watching Wizards of Waverly Place four times a day.  Now I feel guilty because he's 7 not 17 and I should have been all over it for him and helped him succeed.  Ever hear of Mom Guilt?  Yep.  It's even there when we're on vacation.

My sweet husband left me a voice message today where he stated my first name in greeting and then identified himself.  He was clearly stressed and in a hurry looking for something and I can sympathize with that, but the intro cracked me up.  After 15 years it's pretty safe that I know his voice.  I need to tell him that he doesn't have to identify himself even when the message is extra important to him.

I am only writing right now because I am avoiding the other stack of stuff in front of me, but that little hall pass is about to expire as my panic attack approaches.  I am going to take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine and get to it.  The Randomness is not a release today.  This can't be good.

You can share your randomness, too at The UnMom or just laugh at everyone else's.  There's always someone who's got it worse than you!!!


Emmy said...

Take a deep breath! You can do it! It is always so hard coming off of vacation... the adjustment sucks, but somehow we manage and all make it back into reality at least most of us ;)

minor catastrophes said...

I'm with you. Lunches, again? Not good to experience lunch-making weariness in January! :)

I find that when life is overwhelming it's doubly important to take some breaths and a little time for me. That glass of wine is a good start. Here's to hoping the rest of your week simmers down...

Shawn said...

I love this meme! I will be doing it next Tuesday for sure!

Love the message! I usually get "hey, Babe it's me" which is funny because I say the same to him!

Desert Rose said...

You're supposed to be coming down off your stress now! Take a deep breath, sit back and relax, enjoy your wine and don't beat yourself up through the mom guilt..even the best of moms make mistakes, we all will.

MiMi said...

Yep, that's my fave thing about Random Tuesdays. Someone's always way more effed up then me! :)

shortmama said...

oy the mom guilt is never ending!


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