Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letters to Someone

Dear Big Title with No Brains ~

Yes, that is a nifty idea.  It WOULD be great to be able to have your guests register for the Conference online so you don't have to keep a list of RSVPs.  My team likes it so much we do it for everything.  However, YOU didn't have a business plan and didn't get any money for your event until last month.  Yeah, that sort of makes it hard for us to roll you into our technology that's been live for 10 MONTHES!!!  So.  I'll keep doing what I do, quite well, and you keep that spreadsheet updated.  We'll even get ya a table and chairs to check people in when they get there.  Do you need to borrow a highlighter and a sharpie?  I'll see what I can do.

Happy Data Entry to You,

Miss Not Accepting Suggestions Until You're Organized
Dear Lady in the Jeep Liberty ~

It's been days since our encounter, but I can't quite get over you.  That's uncommon for me.  I am willing to believe that maybe you don't know that California law requires you to yield to pedestrians.  Maybe you haven't been to traffic school in the last 100 years or so.  Fine.  But let's drill down to basic human decency. Causing a woman and her young child to stop in the crosswalk in the driving rain because you're too effing rude to stop is just wrong. W.R.O.N.G.  You are oh so lucky that I make an effort to control myself in the presence of my children.  Otherwise you may have had an umbrella through the windshield.  Did you see Britney lose it a few years ago?  Yeah, that could be me.  What goes around comes around lady.  You'd better be careful.

Most Sincerely,

The Soaking Wet Chick in the Crosswalk with the Young Child

Dear Rain ~

Time for you to go.  I thought you were a pretty nifty diversion in the beginning.  Boots and umbrellas and jackets ~ oh my!  That was a refreshing change of pace.  But now it's old. And I'm tired of being wet.  And scared to drive.  And planning my days around your onslaught.  You've done your deed. Now move along.  I'm sure there's a desert somewhere that needs you.

Ciao for Now,

Southern California Sunshine Lover

Dear Haiti ~

I'm so sorry for you.  My heart just breaks every time I let myself think of you.  I sent some money and my company is doing the same.  I've also got a stack of jeans and shoes that I will drop off this weekend.  I will do anything I can to let you know I'm thinking of you and hurting for you.  Mostly I am praying.  I am praying that your people will be well and will care for each other. I am praying that you get the aid that you need the most in a timely manner.  And I am praying for peace and healing.  Don't give up.  I know I'm not the only one thinking of you.  Hang in there.

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Montoya

Now go see ShortMama and link up with her and all her letter writing friends.  ENJOY


Emily said...

Fabulous letter! It totally drives me nuts when people fail to have common courtesy while driving. I would have gone all Britney on her butt.

He & Me + 3 said...

Great letters...that makes me crazy when it is cold and or wet and you are outside walking and they are in a nice warm vehicle and won't give way. Stupid.

Emmy said...

Great letters! And I would still be annoyed with that lady too.. espeically since you were with your kids in the rain!!!

And yeah, I am over the rain now too

MiMi said...

Great letters! You're scared to drive in the rain?? You should NOT come to Oregon. :) Although we'd love to have you!

shortmama said...

We are getting our fair share of the rain too! Im ok with it except the flooding...that can go

3 Blessings said...

I love the letters. Inconsiderate drivers really bother me these days too.

shortmama said...

Oh and I linked you up on my blog since you were faster than me at getting them done!

Desert Rose said...

Oh Haiti...I ended up getting an email from them since I shop there, and it was about them collecting the jeans like you talked about. Awesome. And as for your crosswalk experience...I'm thinking I atleast wouldn't have been able to control my #1 finger. Some people are so ignorant. I'm still enjoying our rain that we are getting, we're not too used to it here, so I'll take it while it last...though I'm still running around in my tank tops!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That is a great letter. I get totally irritated at cars that don't watch where they are going!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Those letters are fabulous!
The person in the jeep while you are in the rain? Shame on her!!!
(I am over snow, and weather below 32 degrees...)

Maki said...

I enjoyed your letters - I can't agree you more on many levels. Good going!


Tooj said...

Drivers who don't stop for people walking in poor weather need umbrellas taken to them. Repeatedly. They drive me crazy.


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