Monday, January 11, 2010

16 Reasons You Haven't Heard from Me

Our life just seems to get away from me sometimes. I can’t find the time to update my blog, call my parents and friends or wash the breakfast dishes before I cook dinner.

In honor of the madness, here’s our life in numbers.


12 nights in the last 30 that we’ve had house guests

67 miles I drive each day to the office and school drop off and pick up

7 days last week that one of my boys had basketball practice or a game

11 loud complaints from The Princess about going to her brother’s sporting events

517 photos we took over the holidays that I need to edit and upload to share with my family

1.2 home cooked meals I served my family last week

14 minutes late to Church on Sunday

3 television shows I let The Princess watch over the weekend while I “undecorated”

8 bins of Christmas cheer that are packed and stored – hooray!

12 points The Athlete scored in his team’s 36-12 win on Saturday

2 Second Grade projects due on the week after the holiday break

9 hours per night of sleep that I’d like to get

5.5 average hours of sleep I get each night

10 months before we host an Anniversary party in Maui

4, 314 times I tell myself every single week to take a deep breath and count my blessings

10 fingers and toes each of my children has that I adore


Miriam said...

I really enjoyed this tally. It's so easy to feel guilty about not posting in our blogs but it's more important prioritize our real lifes and Live :)

Hi from SITS.

MiMi said...

For a second I thought those were real fish. Ugh. Wake up, MiMi!

jonewman said...

I have to say, it's nice to know that other people are out there "stressing" out and taking a blog break...It's not easy being Mommy sometimes. Visiting from SITS!

WhisperingWriter said...

You've been busy.

And second grade projects? Holy crap, my son is in second grade and there has been no projects yet. Well, he did have to color a turkey for Thanksgiving but that was about it..

Erin said...

Love this "by the numbers" post. I know what you mean---I can barely catch my breath these days. Blogging is my favorite thing, but it's getting increasingly difficult to devote the kind of time to it that I want....

shortmama said...

Heres to hoping your next few weeks slow that even possible? Does that ever happen for moms?

glitterbygrammie said...

I loved the list. It was awesome. I also took a bit of a break.

Desert Rose said...

I'm tired just thinking about how busy you are! Maui sounds good though!

Emmy said...

Wow you have been busy!

And so awesome that your son got 12 pts! He got 1/3 of the points himself! Impressive.

Don't worry I will still be around whenever you have free time to blog :)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

I'm exhausted reading about it, girl! Take a break and know we will be here when you return!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

That's a lot of numbers!!!I made a rule that through the whole of December there would be NO entertaining at our house and it was a blessing I can tell you!

My house is usually full of visitors one way or another so it was good to have a break!

I have my Hubby's 40th and my Sons 1st birthday parties to plan now in only 4 weeks AHHHH!

I came by as I saw your comment over at SFTC - I love the end bit "you can thank me and then ask to borrow my spoon!!"

Classic...loved it!!

Jenny said...

WHAT a week. Take deep breaths..that is good advice to yourself. Love that last line about the fingers and toes you adore. So cute.

What exactly is a 1.2 home cooked meal? LOL.

JennyMac said...

That was me above...under the email sign in. :)


i think we are all feeling a little stressed out this time of the year too. i know i am. but i am just trying to pretend the mess around me does not exist!

Jules said...

Wow, that's busy. Since my kids are grown and gone life has slowed down a bit. Sometimes I miss the busyness with the little ones.

JenJen said...

Genius post!
I don't know how you did it...but I'm glad you did.

Tyne said...

Hey, I miss you and am glad that you are living your life... You have a blessed family to have you as a mommy and wife. Have a great week!

Jen said...

Sounds like a busy week!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Hi from SITS! Love your list! Sounds like a very busy week, but a typical one in your family! Congrats on getting through it - hoping you get a few minutes of quiet this weekend!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Well I think we all agree that you definitely deserve some much needed R and R!

And I really like the way you did this post. Very clever and fun to read!

visiting from SITS

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have been sooo busy! Stoppin by from SITS!

Jamie said...

I am sure most of us in the sitsa world understand. LOL take a deep breath. Seems like you have been really busy. Have a blessed New Year.

Jamie said...

I am sure most of us in the sitsa world understand. LOL take a deep breath. Seems like you have been really busy. Have a blessed New Year.

Tooj said...

I'm glad to see that someone gets as much sleep as I do....or should I be sad for us both? I think we should make it a goal to go to bed earlier.


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