Friday, January 1, 2010

Overwhelmed with Goodness

My precious two and some of their cute cousins rang in the New Year last night with plastic champagne flutes.  That year is gone and this year is here.  Now what? 

Should I find one darling photo from each month of last year and summarize the year?  I don't think I could pick just one.  There's too much to choose from.  So much to reflect on.  So much that it overwhelms me to even try and compile some sort of summary of it. We went to so many great places.  We had so many great moments.  I am truly overwhelmed with the goodness of it all.

Should I make resolutions for all of the things that I want to change in 2010?  Well, not so much.  My inside joke with my BFF is that it's quite taxing to be so perfect.  Oh how that makes us giggle when we're already being catty about someone not so perfect.  That absolutely IS a joke, but when I truly think about things I want to change there isn't a lot.

I am quite resolved that I am not going to be a size 2 by summer with trim thighs and six pack abs.  That's OK.  I have in the past (um no, not the recent past) and will continue to make an effort to be healthy for my own longevity and for the benefit of my family.  Not a resolution.  A lifestyle.

I could resolve to keep my house cleaner, curse less and become the perfect Mother.  But I don't think so.

The house is as clean as I choose to get it on any given day.  Some days are definitely better than others.  When Coastal Living comes for a photo shoot I'll be sure it's extra clean.  Otherwise me and my three are getting along fine with a little dust in the dining room and cereal bowls in the sink.

Cursing.  Well shit.  Let's move on.

The perfect Mother.  (insert gigantic sigh here)  It could be the thing I want the most.  If love alone made me a great mother I would already be pure perfection.  Oh how I love them.  But I've learned enough to know it just isn't that easy.  The recipe is complex and it doesn't turn out consistently.

They need my snake eye and a stern word sometimes to steer them right.  Got it.  They need a million big hugs, prayers at bedtime and vegetables as often as we can muster.  I'm on it.  They need to learn about dental hygiene, math facts and how to be compassionate and charitable.  I can't make a resolution about any of those things because I am doing the very best I can with what God gave me. I know that His guiding hand will get me through the year if it's in his plans.

I've decided to keep my statement for the year simple.  I'm borrowing it from Carrie Underwood's song, This Time.

Life is short.
Love is sweet.
Ain't no time like this time, baby.

Happy New Year, friends.  Make this time the best that you can with what you have. 


Helene said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!!! We're all doing the best we can and as long as you recognize that, that's all that matters.

I love what you said about if only love alone could make us perfect mothers. In a way, I think it does....I mean, would the kids rather have hugs, kisses and love from us on a daily basis or clean floors and beds made everyday? I think they'd choose love of all that stuff!!

You're doing a great job....I curse too...par for the course with parenthood!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Swear less? Why would you?? Nothing makes one feel as good as fast as a single LOUDLY SHOUTED curse word. At least that's my theory.

I swear around my wieners. They NEVER repeat what I say and they NEVER tell on me!!


Emmy said...

Great post! I often don't write resolutions.. but this last year there have been so many things I keep wanting to do better and haven't done at all, so I figured I had better.

I have been trying to pick a favorite picture from each month and it is hard... though I think I am still going to do it.

Dorkys Ramos said...

I can definitely toast to that! Here's to trying our best and pushing aside unrealistic expectations.

JennyMac said...

Cursing. Well shit. Let's move on.

this is why I heart you...such a good heart and so real.

MiMi said...

I have NEVER, ever, EVER tried to quit cursing. Once I tried to cut back a little and it effin' blew up right in my damn face.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Happy New Year to you!! Oh I wish I could say that I been as fit and trim as you were. I'm on a mission this year to get more fit. Have to in order to keep up with my 3 1/2 year old!

So glad I found your blog, looking forward to reading more in 2010!!!

shortmama said...

I think this sounds like a perfect way to be for 2010!

Flory said...

I can't make resolutions about weight anymore. You're right, we do what we can - life's definitely too short.

Happy new year!

Tara said...

Coming over from Theta Mom and just wanted to say that some of my best posts are of random thoughts. I believe it is how we all think most days. So keep up with the randomness!!

Tooj said...

I'm with Helene, I love this post. We do what we can with what we're given on any given day. Fair enough. And I especially loved the comment about your house being as clean as you want on THAT day....Lord knows I fret over it not being up to par for guests on most days. This will help me remember that it's fine for "that day" and I'll get it up to par for the next. Whatever the par might be. :)

Happy new year!


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