Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So, Who's the Crazy Girl?

You know the one who says “I am madly in love with my family” one minute and “OMG, I can’t control my life – what on earth is happening to me?” the next. Yeah, that girl. The one in the crazy hat. That would be me.

I have a friend who just said that she wishes she had two blogs. One for people she knows in real life where she can share her darling babes and family and one that is anonymous where she can rant and say what she’s really thinking. Ooooooohh, wish I’d have thought of that!!! IF I were smarter I might not have started being so honest on my blog and mentioning anything other than how precious my kids are and how much I love my life. But I am not that smart. And I did. And I’m OK with it. Well, I have to be OK with it at this point and I will defend myself (and my friend) with this.

The authentic version of ourselves is better than something artificial that we have to constantly stay on top of. The good the bad and the ugly is what makes us so fabulous. Yep, bad and ugly is a little more prominent sometimes, but it’s real. And real people hurt and sometimes don’t have anything nice to say. I think that’s OK.

Blogs are our 21st century diaries and no one has to wait for us to die to reveal our deepest, darkest secrets. What a lucky world!! I waiver sometimes on how much information I am sharing about my family and if what I am saying will hurt anyone. The answer is usually “no”. There are some things that are said on other blogs that I find to be life changing and sometimes hilarious, but I just can’t go there. I won’t go there. It’s not me. But what is me is what’s right here.

I work hard

I love deeply

I laugh loud

I hug tightly

I pray for mercy

I give thanks always

I occasionally cry

And sometimes I am just a little bit crazy


MiMi said...

I'm always a lot crazy, so there ya go. :)
Sometimes I wish my family didn't know about my blog so I could rant about them!

shortmama said...

We love ya as you are girl!

Desert Rose said...

I like the sounds of this "crazy girl"...she sounds a little like me! I think we're all just rolling along on the roller coaster of life and all its highs and lows..and don't think we should try and change for anyone else.

By the way...I sent you a friend request on facebook...rosalie koch pendergast...just in case you didn't know who that was...don't feel obligated to accept..but if I were you and didn't know the name I'd be like who the heck is this?!

And nope..I really don't know how to dance..unless there is a such thing as the crazy dance..wanna join?!

Emmy said...

You are not the only one! Even this weekend I went from feeling great and all inspired to yelling at my kids.
So I am so in the crazy club with you.

tori said...

Hi just came over for SFTC checking out all the blogs of the awards Kelly gave. I appreciate your blogging integrity. I'm attempting to do the same. I'll be following! Have a great day!

Heather of the EO said...

One of the things I've loved about blogging is that I can articulate my struggles and find I'm SO NOT ALONE. I'm always both, thankful and struggling.

So nice to "meet" you :)

Flory said...

I sometimes wonder if I share too much on my blog, but then I get over it, because I'm working on writing a book - I have to be okay with it.

We need an outlet and our blogs allow us to let out as much as we need to. It's okay to go a little crazy now and then, I know I do.:)

minor catastrophes said...

I struggle with the same questions of how much to reveal in my blog vs. keep to myself...In the end, I tend to go for it, with the exception that I will never write anything that will hurt someone. (I often ask whomever I'm writing about to review my post and give the "Okay." It's amazing how generous my family has been with very personal, sometimes embarrassingly funny stuff.) Thanks for bringing this topic up, Kim. Good food for thought. :)


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