Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

So there is a gimmick in blog land for every single day of the week. Clearly you know I am on the Not Me Monday bus that the blogging corporation that is MckMama started. I have also been known to throw a Flashback Friday in there although I don't think it has a sponsor. It gives me an excuse to browse through old photographs. I dig that. But mostly I don't participate in all the carnivals because I am so brilliant and profound on my own.

But not today kids. I got nothing. I can hardly be inspirational when I can hardly convince myself that it's worth shattering the blissful silence in my house to wake the kids for school. I am not so funny because frankly I haven't been smiling that much lately. So here I am in all my random glory. You can also meet some other random ramblers at the UnMom where Random Tuesday lives every week.


So the dogs are an issue for me right now. E works at home and they mostly lie at his feet and snooze for the better part of the day. Lately though, E has been moving and shaking a little more. Good for him. Bad for his canine companions. They're rebelling and I am not pleased. In the last week they** have eaten a bag of Halloween candy from my desk, broken a Halloween snow globe and left glitter all over the kitchen floor, peed in The Athlete's room, barfed on the rug in the dining room and generally irritated me to death for days on end. Just not loving them. Hope they survive until I am feeling a little more like myself.

**I have to lump them together because they won't rat each other out, but I KNOW exactly who the culprit is! You can see her here.

Speaking of feeling like myself.  I had a gigantic case of the flu about a month ago. Literally stayed in bed for days, E sprayed Lysol all around me to protect himself and on the fifth day I rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures (is that sacrilegous to say?).  I went back to work and started hugging my children again, but I have to tell ya kids I am just not right.  Mind blowing headaches, major fatigue and a lingering case of Icouldcareless.  That's just not me.  I got a referral for an internist that I see this afternoon. I am praying for a magic bullet or maybe just a bullet to the temple.  It can't hurt nearly as bad as my skull does most of the time right now.

I took today as a vacation day because The Athlete is not quite himself either and has an appointment with his ENT and a special second grade mass.  I usually "work from home" on days like today, but I didn't even want to pretend this time.  I am using 7.5 hours of leave not to have to check email and I am a little happy about it.  However, I am a little disappointed that I am not my usual perky self because a day off in the middle of week is my idea of heaven on earth.  I'll be lucky today just to finish the chores I blew off all weekend.  Oh Goody.

Yep, that's pretty random and the best I can do.  Holding out hope for the Magic Dr. today. Wish me luck!!


McVal said...

Oh Yucky! I hope you start feeling better soon!

I am Harriet said...

My dog likes to snuggle up to me when I work at my computer. I hate having to get up.

Have a great RT!

Emmy said...

Hope you make it through the day. Headaches really do make everything worse.

MiMi said...

You mean my tiredness and icouldcarelessness is going to last that long? Oh no!

Stefany said...

Uh oh. Doggies are being bad!

I hope you feel better soon.

Desert Rose said...

Guess this reminds me of the times that I open up blogger..and then just sit there staring at it for a little bit until I figure out what the heck to write about.

And the lysol story cracked me up..reminds me of when my husband was sick a few weeks ago, I went around spraying lysol on everything he touched, I even told him that I wonder if it would be ok if I sprayed it directly on him!

Anonymous said...

we are all sick here..

me and my daughters...yikes..

visiting via rtt

shortmama said...

Hope your Dr appt went well and you will feel more like yourself again soon!

♥georgie♥ said...

Sorry you had the flu bug BUt I do hope you start feeling better or more like yourself soon!

Them doggers are naughty! lol


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