Monday, October 5, 2009

Can We Talk?

Everyone has those days when they have nothing nice to say, right? And if you're from the South you know that if you have nothing nice to say then you say nothing at all. Well sorry y'all, but I've been a West Coast girl long enough that my manners are slipping and I had a seriously intense day. And I don't like it.

I am generally a pretty laid back chick. I have worked a lot in the last few years to teach myself to get over things that don't matter and focus on the positive. There's so much negative noise in the world that you can be consumed quickly. I choose not to be. The whole of my life is good and I refuse to let traffic and idol chatter impact my buzz. Mostly.

But there are just days that shake you and remind you that you can't control everything. And that doing it halfway won't get you to where you need to be. And maybe saying exactly what you're thinking all the time may not be the best approach. Man, I hate days like that.

But lucky me. I have a blog that I can rant to. Just knowing that saved my chubby dog from a swift kick to the rear and allowed my children to both get a good book, a prayer and a kiss in lieu of a scowl. Thank you Dear Blog. I heart you.


shortmama said...

Im sorry that you had a bad day yesterday! I hope today goes much better for you!

Tyne said...

I have so much bottled up right now and I just don't feel like I can blog about it! Sometimes I wish I had two seperate blogs, one that was anonymous to all the people I know IRL and one to post pics of my kids so my parents and aunts and uncles can read.

Sometimes I feel like my blog is only half true! Irk.

Sorry you had a bad day, and I am glad that you got that award that you are soooo deserving of!

MiMi said...

I hope today is better! I have those days way more than I probably should.


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