Monday, June 22, 2009

My kids always crack me up. Always. I used to do a better job of remembering how funny they are. I need to get back on track. Here is the best of the last couple of days.

PIA - "Mom, my boo boo is itching."

MOM - "Well, that's because it's healing."

PIA - "What does hilling mean?"

MOM - "That means that it's getting better and your body is helping to make it well."

PIA - "How do you know that? When did you learn it?"

These are always my least favorite questions because I do a really lousy job of articulating life experience and stuff I just know from who knows where.

MOM - "I dunno, Peeps. Maybe I learned it in college."

PIA - "Ohhhhhh, you took a boo boo class. That's good for you, Mom."

MOM - "Max, we're leaving in five minutes. Why are you dressed, but your face is so dirty?"

MAX - "Because I am an athlete!"

The very best part of that whole exchange was the tone of Max's voice and how chagrined he was that I didn't recognize exactly WHY he had such a dirty face!!

I am so sad to be turning the corner from "Mommy on a Pedestal" to "Clueless Lady that Drives me Around", but SO grateful to see my baby figuring out who he thinks he is and wants to be. The good news is that with Max it will always be a fun ride!

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Dabalack Family said...

I love it.. thank you for reminding me to love the little moments!! Love you!!


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