Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

If you read often you know that I think I am one lucky girl. One of the biggest reasons for that is that I married a man who is an amazing Dad. As my priorities change and my focus on my family sharpens I am more deeply drawn to the significance of male role models. I cherish my husband as a man and loving partner to me, but above all else I admire him for his positive impact on our family.

Pia wants to be near him and have him cherish her.

Max simply wants to be him.

He is their hero.

Several weeks ago there was a New Parent Meeting at St. Edward that our friends attended. The school administrator was offering examples of involvement and encouraging new families to give their time and talents freely regardless of their child's position in the school. She upheld Ed as a shining example of selfless volunteerism as he volunteered on a basketball team that Max isn't old enough to play on.

Thank you, God for giving me such a beautiful role model for my children to look up to. Thank you for giving me a man who makes me want to be a better person. Thank you for creating someone who is honorable and makes his family proud. Thank you for the very special gift that my babies call, Dad.

Happy Father's Day to every special Daddy who's their baby's hero.

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