Friday, June 12, 2009

The In Laws

Pop culture and commercial entertainment tell us that "the in laws" is a negative term. Lucky, lucky me that is just not the case. We had a great impromptu dinner with Ed's parents tonight and the good time we had is a reminder to me of how much I love my marriage and my family.

Thank you Russ & Laura for being the very best example of what in laws should be. I love the love you give to me and my family. I cherish so much the relationship that my kids have with you and the comfortable way that E and I can spend time with you. I am endlessly grateful for every minute we spend together.

With Much Love, Your Daughter In Law

p.s. I would love our time together a lot more if we were going back to Hawaii this year!!!
It's not too late to make plans for Thanksgiving . . . : )

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