Monday, June 1, 2009

Easy Rider

Although we're creeping up on Pia's 5th birthday (4 weeks to go!!) she's still just creeping past 3 feet tall. She's not even close to being tall enough for most rides at Disneyland and California Adventure, but there are some with a 40" height requirement that she and Max happen to love.

When Sophia is on a ride she is the picture of pure joy. She rides the entire time with her arms over her head and whoops and laughs the entire team. It is truly the cutest thing ever.

Some days the Disney cast don't give her a second glance and miss that she is JUST under the 40" and sometimes they look a little closer. Our last ride of the day on Sunday had a 40" height requirement. We got through the first two checkpoints without a problem and thought we were home free. I was so bummed when we made the turn past the final checkpoint and the girl tried to stop us.

"Excuse me. Excuse me."

I am holding Pia's hand and keep walking and pretending like I don't hear her.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I need to check her height."


Sophia happily turns around and walks right to the measuring stick and looks directly at the girl with her sparkly blue eyes. While the girl is looking at the top of Pia's head and the horizontal measuring stick, she ever so slightly raises on her toes. Not abruptly enough that it's obvious, but enough the she's allowed to get on.

Well, well - guess who's figured out how to get what she wants?? Maybe I shouldn't be proud, but I do love a girl who knows how to get it done.

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