Monday, July 20, 2009

NOT ME Monday

I love, love, love other people's blogs. My favorites are mostly other Moms and I love getting ideas from them. Decorating, gifts, music, educational toys – you name it. Blogs are my current reading material of choice.

My recent obsession is MckMama ( She is super clever, incredibly articulate and the mother to 4 children under the age of 5. HELLO! Her Mondays recently had the title NOT ME Monday where she quite wittily lets it all hang out about the slightly imperfect things she did NOT do. You know, she does NOT store her makeup in a gallon Ziploc bag.

Today is a NOT MY CHILD Monday and most of the time I could have a field day with that one. Sadly, to be quite honest, my children were as close to perfect as possible while we had house guests this weekend. I can’t say one thing about them today that would qualify them for NOT MY CHILD Monday. Not one.

Unless maybe you want to count that it was NOT MY CHILD that completely melted down this morning over the shorts she had chosen to wear and failed to say goodbye, or hug, or kiss her Grandparents who were flying back to Florida. That definitely was NOT MY CHILD.

And it was definitely NOT ME that left her sitting on the chair with tears streaming down her face for her Daddy to wipe while I drove away to have breakfast with said Grandparents before their flight. That’s not something I would do.

And I know it was NOT ME that checked as many things as possible off of my personal to do list after I got to the office, because after all I had asked for the day off before I knew how early my parents were leaving. I would NOT book a DMV appointment, a Dr’s appointment, upload photographs and search for a babysitter on company time. Not me.

Mostly it’s NOT ME that has been thinking all day about how I can get out of making dinner tonight and getting everyone into pajamas by 7:30 PM. That’s not me. I am more energetic and concerned with my family’s health than to try and feed them convenience food and bathe them before dark just so I can go to bed early. NOT ME

What haven’t you done today?

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