Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me - Not Today

It was only a week ago that I got on board the Not Me Monday bus thanks to MckMama. Now today she is waiting for her 9 month old son, Stellan, to be airlifted to Boston where she is desperate for medical intervention in his rapidly declining situation.

I can't say anything clever or silly today - I just can't. I don't know this woman personally or any of her children, but I AM a mother and know that her heart hurts terribly today. As I follow along with her family's antics and the path of Stellan's heart condition I am cosntantly awed by her faith. Instead of Not Me Monday I am praying.

I pray for the safety of Stellan and his family as they are transported to Boston.

I pray for strength for Stellan's parents as their hearts are breaking and their hands are helpless.

I pray for peace for Stellan's three older siblings who are surely confused and hurt as their family swirls out of control.

I pray, I pray and I pray for this family. And I Give Thanks for my own family. God Bless us all

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