Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My Dad and Stepmom, Lana (I wish there were a better word, she is SO much better than that) were our house guests this past weekend. There's always a certain amount of anxiety attached to having ANY guest for the weekend, but my Dad was coming. Aaaaayyy!!!

Life got in the way of my usual preparations and my rapid transformation of our chaos - my magic. I did not scour every flat surface, launder every single sheet, pillowcase and towel in the house and stock the fridge and pantry with everything I thought my guests may like. Any other time I would have had an itinerary planned down to the 1/2 hour and would have the kids clothes laid out for the entire time we had company. I'm either getting more mellow in my old age or lazy - we'll go with mellow.

I knew when I left the office to pick them up from the airport that all of my shots at perfect were gone. It was just too late. No chance for the magic touch. What a blessing that was.

They arrived needing a break from life and gave my family a break we didn't even know we needed. We ate when we were hungry, had ice cream way too close to dinner time, went to bed early and had no particular plans.

A picnic. A museum. A cup of coffee. An afternoon walk.

3,000 miles is a long way to come for something so simple, but this time simple was . . . magic. Life is cruel and my heart knows that those opportunities may never come our way again. If they never do I still don't think I could cherish this time anymore.

Magic is forever.

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