Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My life is my job

“My life is my job”

This was published in an article over the weekend and realized that it’s exactly what I’ve been thinking and unable to articulate for a really long time. Work is what I do to earn a paycheck. My job is to care for myself and the people I love to ensure our happiness and success. My burning question is “how do I do both of them well?”

I am a Certified Meeting Professional and take business very seriously. I had to work in my field full time for five years to even be eligible to apply for the CMP designation and then had to meet the requirements in what seemed like a thousand other ways to qualify for the CMP exam. I have to maintain my status in the industry to recertify every five years and have to be recommended by colleagues and business partners. Blah, blah, blah . . . As important as all of that is to me, and it is, it doesn’t come anywhere near comparing to the importance of my job.

Work is an escape (no really) and an opportunity to contribute to something strategic and far reaching. I manage budgets in the millions and organize groups by the thousands. I develop content, write contracts and edit websites. It’s good work.

My job is a series of carefully crafted answers to adolescent questions like “Why are Jesus’ hands nailed to the cross on my necklace?” That question REALLY came out of Sophia’s mouth. You can’t tell me that’s not a job.

My job is life changing. Not so much for me but the two gorgeous gifts that God trusted me with and the man I am lucky enough to call my husband. The answers that I provide to their mind blowing questions, the attentiveness with which I listen to their concerns and whether or not I wash the t-shirt for that week’s camp have an impact far beyond a careless response to a business question at work.

Lately there seem to be too many days when it’s ALL falling apart.

Work is tense and hectic. It hinders my ability to do my job well.

My job currently requires a lot of paperwork, money and schedule planning and hinders my ability to work effectively. Is there an answer? I have no idea. BUT, what I saw recently and believe to be true is this –

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

I am praying a lot more lately than I ever have and believe that caring with all my heart has to count for something until I can figure it out. Until then, I’ll have to use my free time to think of answers to the questions like:

“When a dog dies can he still bark in heaven?”

Wish me luck . . .

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Dabalack Family said...

May we continue to inspire each other as you have done for me today!! I love you and your family!!


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