Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pinup Girl

Some people tease me about my serious obsession with Pinterest.  I'm OK with that.  Not only do I love the ideas that I get from other people I USE them.

I read tons of parenting articles that I wouldn't otherwise see.

There are great inspirational quotes that I use for myself and share with others.

The crafts and gifts that I pin I actually make.  OK not all of them (yet) but my Pinterest boards are seriously functional.  And that's the idea, right?

Some of my favorite things I've pinned recently are below.  I'm just overflowing with Pinspiration!

The sweetest, most fragrant, charming little housewarming gift.  I switched out the pot for a glass jar that was pinned for a different houswarming gift here.  PERFECT.

Super cute inspiration for The Princess' room redesign.  She's over the moon with this gallery wall.  I should probably start pinning less and get to painting!!

A load of great fall printables


There are a million great crockpot and easy recipes that I want to try.
Crockpot buffalo chicken??  yes, please!


and just good and simple inspiration


Need an idea for something?  I'm your "pinup" girl!


1 comment:

Emmy said...

I do love pinterest. I am okay about actually doing what I pin-- but I am getting better at being more selective about what I do pin


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