Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a privilege

September 11 is a sad day for the US. 

Everyone SHOULD be sad about the change that happened in our country that day and sad for all the families that lost someone special.  It is a day of solemn rememberance.  Remembering the tragedy of loss and the braveness of so many.

I cried in the car this morning reminding the kids that wearing red shirts to mass today wasn't a free dress pass - it was a privilege.  The Athlete understands a little about the signficance of 9/11.  He was especially focused on the passengers who diverted the flight that was headed for the pentagon.  His sister was clueless. She might be still.  I plan to talk to her about it again.  No one SHOULD ever forget.  They certainly don't have to cry everytime they recount the details (I'm a big ol' baby like that) but forgetting is not OK.  All of the children whose parents went to work that day and never came home won't ever forget.

Many blessings to those families that relive today every single day, not just once a year. And to all those who we lost that day; we will never forget.

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